Library visit

It’s still cold,

 but less so.

My lips hurt less,

look worse,

 but, hurt less.

The Habs won last night,

high five!!

I am afraid I won’t be reading The Mere Future,

 for the book club,

because I am disbanding the book club.

I have decided to join Cass, Amy and many others,

for GLBTQ challenge for 2011.

I love Sarah Schulman,

 and will be blogging about her work,

 and what it means to me,


I don’t have the time or energy to devote to her right now,

she is a complex writer,

 and deserves not to be read in a rush,

so later,

I promise.

At the Grande Bibliotheque today,

I decided to stay away from complex and dark.

I am still working my way through,

 Genderqueer which is complex.

I have also read some good mysteries,

 about dark, hard subjects,

so I need a break from the disturbing.

A few months ago,

 tea drinker at,

 reviewed Sarah Orne Jewett’s,

The Country of the Pointed Firs.

She made it sound quite tempting.

So when I spotted it today,

in a nice compact Modern Library edition,

in to the book bag it went.

The dust jacket describes the novel this way:

The Country Of The Pointed Firs is a concisely written and beautifully wrought episodic novel of a young woman writer’s summer sojourn in the Maine fishing village of Dunnet Landing. Through Jewett, the young woman conveys the effect of her deepening connections to the people of Dunnet Landing, especially the sibylline Mrs Todd, and her empathy with the mysteries of the coastal life…

Sounds good to me.

Since I read The Shipping News by Annie Proulx,

which I absolutely adored,

I have been searching for a book about a fishing village,

I hope this novel lives up to it’s praise.

I also picked up My Cousin Rachel by Daphne Du Maurier,

I have never read any Du Maurier,

 but, have been meaning to for some time.

I remember watching Rebecca,

 the Hitchcock adaptation of the novel,

and being breathless with angst and anticipation.

Talk about lesbian subtext,

so I am trying a Du Maurier.

My mother, who has impecable book taste,

says Du Maurier is a good read.

The last book I picked up is a Somerset Maugham.

My love affair with his work,

 although recent,

last few years,

 is intense.

Creatures Of Circumstance is a book of short stories.

I think I have a good haul here.

I will let you all know.

Later girls