Lazy Spring time

It is sunny blue skied,

perfect weather,

a little warmer than seasonal,

I wonder could you pick better,

vacation weather?

Probably not


If it rained,

I would sleep a lot,

if it was cooler,

I would be doing chores,


if it was hot,

I would be sweating,


bitchin’ ans moanin’



perfect sit around on,

the balcony,

watching the day,

go by,


not thinking,

not doing,

just being.

I’ve done a little shopping,

at a very leisurely pace,

bought a Spring jacket,

which I desperately needed,

water resistant and wind proof,

can wear a sweater under,



lots of pockets,

a good Canadian brand


didn’t break the bank,

should last a few years,

even can be adjusted,

to a less hefty me.

Bought some new jeans.

For years I’ve worn,

boot cut,

Old Navy jeans,

cheap and plain,

without looking,


In the last little while,

I’ve found,

I didn’t like how,

my legs and butt,

floated in them,

so I got a new slim boot cut,

fit better,

look better,


part of Old Navy’s,

premium denim line,

nicer, better quality,


still more than reasonable,

under fifty dollars,

for a pair of jeans you will wear,

for years,

into the ground

more than reasonable.

So that’s what I’ve done,

with the start of my vacation,

shopped a little,

sat a lot,

socialised a little,

let my hernia sit,

and settle,

no agitation,

no stress,

lots of rest,

preparing for the trip to Toronto,

resting up,

for whatever life will bring,

a Spring of rest and soon,


Still slowly working my way,

though On Equilibrium,

and watching Hockey,

series is tied,


Go Habs Go.

Hope your weekend,

is sunny,


all that you want it to be,

wether active,

or restful.

Be well.

Later girls,