Library visit

Today is Sunday.

Grey and cloudy.

No hockey last night.

Today, I’m going to the library.

Most of my recent library books,

 were enjoyable and/or informative.

I loved my Somerset Maugham,

Creatures Of Circumstances.

I learned a few things,

from Genderqueer.

Some of this information,

 will take me a while to digest.

I found the personal accounts particularly poignant.

I’m glad I read it.

An important book with valuable insight.

I recommend it highly.

I haven’t finished,

 just barely,


 The Country Of Pointed Firs,

I’m going to renew it,

 and try to finish over the holidays.

The Daphne Du Maurier,

 My Cousin Rachel,

couldn’t get into it,

 too Gothic for my taste.

Off to the library,

will let you know what I get 🙂


I’m Back.

I picked up what I believe to be,

 some good loot.

Last week,

 I read a Robert B. Parker,

 from his Spenser series,

it was a delight,

took me out of both my book and emotional slump.

So I got another,


The front cover boasts:

The secrets of Spenser’s past -revealed at last!

The size was right and I couldn’t resist that line,

so into the book bag it went.

I have heard wonderful thing’s about Penelope Fitzgerald’s,

The Bookshop,

I can never resist bookish books with bookish titles,

again a tiny book.

I also got Vile Bodies by Evelyn Waugh.

I started reading Brideshead Revisited last night,

and I’m already captivated,


 the little Waugh with the intriguing title,

another natural for the book bag.

They are all small books,

 easy to carry and hopefully,

 easy to get through,

 over the hectic holiday period.


I’m going to read now.

Later girls