A friend’s new book and Merry Christmas:-)

Well, it’s snowing, sort of, looks like, we’ll have some, white stuff, for Christmas:-) The Habs are, on a major losing streak. Major!! I’ve been very busy, at the bookstore, I hope it keeps up, at least ’til, New Year’s:-) Winters are tough in retail, you need a cushion. I’ve been reading, not much time… Continue reading A friend’s new book and Merry Christmas:-)


It’s a cold, grey, day. October. The Habs, won, last night, it’s about time, first win, of the pre-season, beat Tampa Bay, 5-1. Today, I’m going to a family, barbecue, for my cousin, and, my cousin’s boyfriend’s, birthdays, should be fun, haven’t seen, the kids in a while. I’m almost finished, The Piano Shop On… Continue reading Sunday

My friend, the writer

Ladies, it’s a beautiful day, and, I’m feeling, amazing, I’m not sure, why, combination of factors, I guess, life is good:-) I feel healthy, happy, and, good, it’s the fall, I love the fall:-) One big thing, that has me, feeling, hyped and proud, my friend, the busy writer, Mel Bossa, has another book, just… Continue reading My friend, the writer

With Love and Pride

Girls. How are yah? Personally, I’m feeling good about, myself, but, mostly, about my friends. My ex, or as I usually refer, to her, friend extraordinaire, has┬álost much weight, and looks, fabulous. I always thought, she looked good, but, now she weighs, probably, what, she did in her, twenties!! Kuddos. Another really good friend, has… Continue reading With Love and Pride