Library visit and my continuing search for…

Another glorious day here,

in La Belle Province,

well my part of it,


I decided to go to the library,

I had some books to bring back,

and I wanted to,

pick up a couple more.

A few weeks ago,

a new acquaintance,

told me,

what her favourite books were,

and I decided to check them out,

both figuratively and literally.

You can tell a lot about a person,

from her favourite books ,


if you haven’t read them,

you better get crackin’:-)

So, my library loot:

I still have,

Making Things Better and

Look At Me,

both by Anita Brookner.

I heard many good things about Brookner,

on various book blogs,

she writes about the loner,

and the loner,

fascinates me.

So, no brainer,

check out Brookner.

The two books I took out today,

Jude The Obscure by Thomas Hardy

and a children’s classic,

Where The Red Fern Grows,

by Wilson Rawls.

It’s funny,

I’ve started reading children’s classics,

in the last four, five years,

Harriet The Spy,

Charlotte’s Web,


and they are charming and heartwarming,

better late than never.

This lady assures me,

Where The Red Fern Grows,

is super and makes your heart sing,


 in my opinion,

you can never have,

too much singing heart,

I will be reading it this week.

Jude The Obscure,

for it’s part,

is described as the story of,

a non-conformist.

I consider myself a non-conformist,

I tried to read Tess Of The D’ubervilles,

many years ago,

I think I wasn’t ready for Hardy,


perhaps that has changed.


Later girls,