Finders Keepers

I just finished reading  Finders Keepers,  a Karin Kallmaker that I have never read.  It was published in 2006.  I guess I’m a few behind. Anybody, who has read this blog knows that I adore Kallmaker.  A few of her novels are on my top lesbian romance list. My all time favorite romance is Wild… Continue reading Finders Keepers

Finding comfort in old “Friends”

I’m trying not to feel down but, I’m not really succeeding. Yesterday, I went to the Grande Bibliotheque. I visit every 3 weeks or so. I got a Henning Mankel for my mom, she loves his stuff,  me?  not so much. I went with my friend Sylvain he explored and so did I. I’ve already… Continue reading Finding comfort in old “Friends”