Brideshead Revisited, impressions

I finished Brideshead Revisited. This is my first Evelyn Waugh,                                          apparently his stuff is usually, biting and satirical. Brideshead, is a sweeping novel, and deals with multiple themes. The downfall of British aristocracy, the influence of faith in our lives, the nature of sin, love in all it’s forms, the powerlessness of man in the face… Continue reading Brideshead Revisited, impressions

Library visit

Today is Sunday. Grey and cloudy. No hockey last night. Today, I’m going to the library. Most of my recent library books,  were enjoyable and/or informative. I loved my Somerset Maugham, Creatures Of Circumstances. I learned a few things, from Genderqueer. Some of this information,  will take me a while to digest. I found the personal accounts… Continue reading Library visit