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Sunday morning thoughts

Happy Sunday,

Happy Sabbath.

It’s grey and rainy,

here in my beautiful ugly.

I am sitting here in my pj’s,

enjoying my tea,

enjoying the breeze,

the sweet smell of rain in the air,

I am,

reflecting on the past week.

Hi chubbyness,

is acting up,

it won’t last,

he’s a good boy.

I’m thinking what,

a crazy year,

this has been.

Covid 19,

the end of a relationship,

the hope and joy,

of romance,

of new love,

a new job,

the end of ,

said romance,

the difficulty,

of accepting,

the end,

the rejection,

the hurt.


that I can’t control,

certain things is,

tough for me,

I expect it’s,

hard for many of you.

We may wish to,

accept the things we cannot change,

but, in reality,

it takes work.

Fighting with ourselves,


resigning ourselves,





and ultimately,


I wish I was,

someone who cries,

I believe it would ,


the getting through,



But, of course,

I can’t be sure of that,

not really.

This year,

has been arduous,

in so many ways,

magical in a few,

creative and oh so stimulating,

in still others.


comes to those who are grateful,

for what they have,

and for what they have had.

I am grateful for all the love,

and opportunity that carries me.

I am grateful for the gift of,


a decent brain,

good hair,

and an easy smile.

I am grateful for this,

mature age,

and this knowledge,

that what doesn’t kill you,

makes you stronger.

If you can survive the death,

of loved one,

of dearest friends,

than you can most assuredly move on,

from a love affair,

no matter how much hope,

and joy it held.

There is much joy,

in the world,

there is also much pain,

the key,

I think is to search for one,

while wading your way,

through the other.

Be well you all.

Stay safe,

wear your mask,

be kind to each other.

Later girls,


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