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Sunday morning musings

Fall…Butch season

Good morning everyone.

It is a lovely morning,

here in my beautiful ugly.

The sun is out,

a gentle breeze,

an incredible blue sky.

August is,

a pretty month,

still Summer, still hot,

but without,

the blazing heatwaves,

of July.

August is a month for,

corn roasts,

a month of pic nics,

of sitting in a lawn chair,

of walking in grass.

Once mid August hits,

it becomes,

a month looking to,


Fall I dream of,

Winter I dread.

This year,

perhaps even more so.

I look forward to,

the crisp air,

of Fall,

the winds,

the colours,

I look forward to the return,

of my EFM class,

of Supper club,

I look forward to,

new projects,

new challenges,

new adventures,

I look forward to,


my fall wardrobe.

My plaid,

my caps,

my boots,

my jeans,

my jackets.

I will miss,

the simplicity,

of Summer dressing,




and sunscreen.

Since , I started,

wearing shorts,

a few years ago,

and sandals only,

last year,

I have enjoyed Summer,

there is lots to be said,

for loving yourself enough,

to let your legs and feet,

come out to play.

In my life,


has been a time,

of self consciousness,

of not loving myself,

of being critical of my body.

I’m better now,

but I still feel happier,

in Fall attire.

I feel more confident,

I feel more attractive.

Once the weather cools,

I feel smarter.

It’s easier to concentrate.

In the Fall,

I miss going to school,

and I am glad that EFM,

satisfies some of my,

curiosity and thirst for,


for knowledge,

for buying notebooks,

and school supplies.

I am ready,

for cooler weather,

for long walks,

without the fear of sunstroke.

I am ready for Fall.

These are my Sunday morning musings.

Be well you all.

Later girls,


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