Grey outside,

no biggie,

the Pope resigned this morning,

that’s enough to put,

some sun into,

my morning


Yesterday, I was reading,

butch wonders post on,

awesome butch underthings,

read it here-

some nice choices,

groovin’ on those tie-dye ones:-)


got me thinking,

what would a butch like for Valentine’s?

Now, I don’t claim to ‘speak’,

for all butches,

not even close,


I think what a butch,

most wants,

for Valentine’s,


kind of,

type of,

genre of,

sub-section of,



the love of a good woman,

’cause when you have,


you have everything,


So if like me,

you have that,

you’re good,

golden even,

if you don’t,

I’m sending you,


that you should find it,

never give up,



I like Valentine’s,


I don’t believe you need to spend,

a lot of money,

or even any money,

to show you care,

a nice card,

a home cooked meal,

back rub,

and if you are being,

the attentive, loving butch,

that I know you are,

your lady,

glows with the love and attention,

that you bestow,


Never, ever, take her for granted, tell her, show her

This post is about,

what butches want,

no matter,

how they protest,

that they don’t ‘need’ anything.

Of course,

they don’t need anything,

they’re golden,


But, here are a few things,

that would improve,


elements of butch style,


bring a big ole grin,

to your butch,

if she is anything like me


A Woolrich(or close facsimile) Melton Irish wool cap,

for the Spring,

dress it up,

button down, leather jacket, black jeans,

dress it down,

quilted jacket, plaid shirt, blue jeans,

I like the grey,


would match,


I know she already has a few, but, really girls, can you ever have too many nice caps?



A good basic cotton crew neck in navy, like this Orvis number, not cheap but, won’t break the bank, she’ll wear this, a lot and she’ll think of you, even more, everytime she wears it:-) ( could also be black, brown, dark green…but, a ‘match practically her whole wardrobe’ thing)

Pinned Image

A soft, luxurious, neutral toned sweater, for special occasions, like…Valentine’s day dates:-)

#101 Slim Vertical Dogleg Wallet (Colors Available)

A slim, card wallet, beautiful leather, comes in a variety of colours, fits in any pocket, a few cards, some cash, your butch is good to go, without that bump on her butt. Made to order, relatively cheap($39.00) and can be laser monogramed with her initials. Won’t get it for Valentine’s though, maybe, next year?

Kent folding comb, under $20.00. Kent make the best combs and brushes in the world, British know how. So much nicer than that dollar store black thingie she carries and, she would never buy this herself, but, she’ll love it:-) Butches are very particular about their hair.

In the ‘too cool for words’ category, Swiss army knife and paracord bracelet, for the butch who likes gadgets (and really what butch doesn’t??) This will look stylish and trendy and allow your butch to channel her inner James Bond:-P

Of course, these are just silly suggestions, for fun, you know what your butch wants, right?

She wants to hold you tight and rock your world,

she wants to dance with you in the moonlight,

she wants to love you like nobody’s loved you,

come rain or come shine,

oh yeah<happy, happy sigh>

Happy Valentine’s girls,


write that poem,

learn that tune,

start baking that cake,

you’ve got a woman to impress.

Be well, be happy, be loved.

Later girls,


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