it poured and poured,

today it is,


really beautiful,

blue sky,

crisp air,

Fall is in the air.


the kiddies are,

going back to school,

they look cute,

with their,

new clothes,


their new school bags,

back to school,

makes me nostalgic,

for a simpler time,


a happier time,


Probably not,

adults have,

selective amnesia,


just how hard,

other parts,

of our lives,


I’ve been reading,

a lot,

of romance lately,

some of it,

has been quite satisfying,

and well written,

I really liked,

Kim Baldwin’s Force Of Nature,

and look forward to reading,

more of her stuff.

I’ve also been,

reading the Janet Flanner journals,

turns out she was a dyke,

who knew:-)

I found a picture of her,

with my man Hem,

I thought,

I would share with you all.

Interesting face,

kind of a tough looking,


seems to like Hem.

Her journals are incredible,

so honest and insightful.

They are quite the contrast,

to the lesbian romances,

and anthologies,

I have been reading,

at the same time.

Don’t get me wrong,

I like romance,


I can’t stand cliché.

Of course,

cliché and stereotypes,

are by no means,

the exclusive,

terrain of lesbian romance,

and erotica anthologies,


I’m sick of the woman as fruit,

school of thought,

and on the other side,

I’d really like to know,

who these women,

who long to fellate dildos are,

I mean,

really, who are they?

A few weeks ago,

my friend FS at My Words,

asked could we please get,

a believable movie love story.

I agree I’d like that as well,

and maybe,

a book or two,

about women,

who are real,



with problems,



who love women,

not because of childhood trauma,

just because,

they are attracted to them,

always have been,

always will be,

Oh I don’t know maybe,

I’m just cranky,


I’ll go for a walk.

Herein endeth the rant.

Later girls,




10 Replies to “Stream of consciousness leads to mini rant”

  1. I think that we need more contemporary general fiction that includes “straight” 😉 lesbian women!

    The LesFic romance genre is entertaining but …. I would so love for “straight” lesbians to make an appearance in general fiction with the positive and negative sides to their personalities that make up a whole fictional character.

    While we are on the subject of romance; have you read “Never Say Never” by Linda Hill ? Its an old favourite of mine – the “age” shows in the less explicit sexscenes ;-), but I always found the romance belivable !


  2. Ahh Yes that’s another favorite ! I know I’m not suppose to say so … but I think that the quality of storyline and writing was better in the world of LesFic romance before the internet rushed in.


  3. BB: I try and I try and I try to find a story where the romance — when it’s the central part of the story — really engages me and draws me in and is a human story specific to me as a lesbian. I have yet to find it. Sarah Waters’ work is interesting, but I prefer something more contemporary. Although in a way there are many of us existing in neo-Victorian times.

    I confess to not being a patient reader of the genre. I pick these books up, read a few pages and if I am not hooked, I don’t buy it. Even the erotica. Sort of like the difference between a one-night stand and a multifacted relationship, all nuanced and layered.

    Can we have literary erotica..?

    I’m a demanding reader. I expect to be drawn in, taken into the pages, the story, the characters. And I am thrilled that there are more and more lesbian writers writing about lesbian things.

    At the same time, our relationships are hard to capture — and our history is so quiet: it has not had words to tell, we’ve lived and loved and have done so surreptitiously: sidelong glances, certain signals, certain codes and dress. How do we translate that? Make it palpable without being cliche or stereotypical? Although, I think the reality is that within strictly defined roles, stereotypes live, and happily so.

    On a more personal note: I have been conferring with the Goddess to see what it is that I must do to court and seduce the muse just enough to write a story that I want to read. No success yet. 🙁

  4. BB: Thank you. That patience thing….. Hmmmm. And butches aren’t complex? Complicated? In the way of humans, or is that a comparison comment. I am confuffled, BB, and honest, I’ve not got a single blonde hair anywhere. (No offence to blonde women).

  5. Butches are complex beyond belief, the complex to end all complex, that’s what I meant:-) sorry for being obscure.
    I was wondering, would you send me an email so I can repply? I want to ask you something and I don’t seem to be able to connect to your
    email. My email is on the about page. 🙂

  6. That is a great photo! Thanks for introducing me to Janet Flanner, I’d never heard of her but now I’m definitely going to search out her writing!

    I agree with you about Lesbian Romances. It’s hard to find really good stuff. Emma Donoghue is one of my favorites, especially her historical novels. When I’m in the mood for a bit of fluff I like some Jackie Calhoun too.

  7. You’ll like Flanner- no nonsense, with style- very New Yorker. The search for the perfect romance goes on, although recently I’ve
    read a few Tracey Richardson’s and I’ll tell you I think she rocks, just, hot enough, just smart enough, The Candidate, very good.

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