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A bit of grey early December




First let me apologize for,

my recent silence,

it isn’t so much that,

I have been busy,

more like,


I have had my third cold,

in less than two months,



hasn’t even hit,

good times


Moving on.

I have read,

another of the books,

in the great ideas series,

by Penguin,

An Apology For Idlers,

by R.L Stevenson,

delightful small book (113 pages)

of essays,

on the power and importance,

of a certain idleness,

I need not be convinced of this:-P

advice on living the life of an artist,

an essay on how age,

does not necessarily bring,



my personal fave from this collection,

On Falling In Love.

Delightful essays,

by a delightful writer,

full confession here:

I don’t believe,

I have ever read any Robert Louis Stevenson.

I might have been read,

Treasure Island,

as a child,


I am not sure,

I remember fragments,

Long John Silver,

not much else.

This is quite an important,


on my part,


if I base myself,

on this book,

is a damn good writer,

I just remembered, I did read The Strange Case Of Dr. Jekyll and Mr Hyde, as a teenager.

So maybe,

I need to look into him,


My Granny,

on my dad’s Scottish side of the family,

was a Stevenson,

Her grandfather,



were all named Robert.

I seem to recall,

my granny has been gone since 1976,

her mentioning,

that R.L Stevenson was a cousin,

I like to think he was,

a famous writer cousin,

in the family tree,


sounds good.

Here is a sampling,


On Falling In Love:

The simple accident of falling in love is as beneficial as it is astonishing. It arrests the petrifying influence of years, disproves cold-blooded and cynical conclusions, and awakens dormant sensibilities. Hitherto the man had found it a good policy to disbelieve the existence of any enjoyment which was out of his reach; and thus he turned his back upon the strong sunny parts of nature, and accustomed himself to look exclusively on what was common and dull. He accepted a prose ideal, let himself go blind of many sympathies by disuse…and now, all of a sudden, he is unhorsed, like St-Paul, from his infidel affectation. His heart, which has been ticking accurate seconds for the last year, gives a bound and begins to beat irregularly in his breast. It seems as if he had never heard or felt or seen until that moment; and by the report of memory of his memory, he must have lived his past life between sleep and waking, or with the preoccupied attention of a brown study-

page 29 An Apology For Idlers(On Falling In Love) Robert Louis Stevenson

Love gives your life,



falling in love,

gets your blood flowing,


bathes the world in a rosy hue,

love is grand.

I am so far,

very much enjoying,

this great ideas reading,

food for thought,


for dreams,

day dreams,

about my girl,



much better,




since she came into it.

Have a wonderful day, you all.

Later girls,



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