Good Morning all,

Hope you are keeping,

warm and dry.

The weather mid April,

here in,

my beautiful ugly,

has been ferocious,

cold, windy,


To paraphrase a friend of mine,

we don’t really,

have four seasons,

in Montreal,

Spring is but a blip,


Will Winter never end??

kind of situation

long sigh of the longing for warmth and sunshine variety


I’ve been busy, work, study, socializing.

I’ve been doing lots of reading,

the bible, theology, stuff on prayer.

I had no idea, when I began my ,

spiritual quest,

just how much time,

I would spend reading, learning,

contemplating and praying,

it takes up lots of time,



I wish I had even more time,

to devote to it,


you know, work, life,

must go on.


Work is weird,

I like lots of it,

and other parts,

are kind of exasperating.

I believe that is true of all work

Since, I work for a community center,

that is non profit,

there is often,

a lack of funds.

I work with wonderful people,

hard working,

devoted to helping people,

to making the world,

a better,

more egalitarian place,


I tell ya:

that ain’t nothing.


I have fewer hours,

this term,

so I will have time,

to write,

to contemplate,

to devote to my ongoing,



I am very conscious of the fact that using that word, freaks some of you out, that isn’t my intention, I am merely sharing, my quest, my journey, to and through faith. If any of this comes off as preachy, apologies.

The other day,

I was at the museum of contemporary art,

it was the last weekend of,

The Leonard Cohen exhibit,

There is a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in.

I was leaning, against the wall,

watching, recorded performances,

spanning several decades,

some of Cohen’s great songs,

Bird On A Wire,

First We Take Manhattan,


and many more,

but, while hearing a version of Hallelujah,

a song that has unfortunately been over recorded

I had a flash over my favorite lyric in that song,

I’ve seen this room and I’ve walked this floor

 I used to live alone before I knew ya.

At different times in my life,

this has meant different things to me,

it has been about love,

about friendship,

about grief, and loss,

and at this point in my life,

in my quest,

it is about,



Great art, great artists,

add meaning and texture,

to your life,

great songs,

great writing,

flesh out,

the soundtrack,

the script,

of our lives.


I appreciate you’re reading my words and ramblings.

Be well you all

Later girls,





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