Sylvia Beach

The founder of,

Shakespeare and Company,

mythical bookshop,

if ever there was one.

Bookseller extraordinaire,

she published,

Joyce’s Ulysses,

when no-one would.

Ms Beach is a legend,

impeccable taste,

avant gardiste,

a butch of stupendous importance,

in my humble opinion.


the great French writer,

her  body of work,

is very large,

and varied,

novels, short stories, theatre, memoirs,

an epicurean,

a lover,

of the natural world,


of the life of the mind,

a strong woman,



before that word,



An original,

in the true sense of the word.

Mary Oliver,

is a recent addition,

to my Pantheon.

A poet.

A magnificent poet,

a poet of truth.

Seeking it,

living it.

Her poems,

like Wild Geese,


The Journey,

choke me up,


send shivers down,

my spine.

If you haven’t read her,

you must,

just ‘google’ her.

These women,

are some of,

my butch Idols,

there are others,

I might make this,

a semi regular post,

we’ll see.

I’m a little tired right now,

doing lots of reading,

which I’ll tell you about,


Later girls,





2 Replies to “Some of my Butch Idols”

  1. This must, must, MUST be my year to read Colette. I’ve only read one, and I do realize that I am missing out in a big way! (Thanks, also, for the nudge to return to Mary Oliver: “Wild Geese” is just amazing, isn’t it.) I hope your 2012 is filled with lots more “too tired from reading” days!

  2. You must read Colette she’s amazing especially the Claudines, sooo, good.
    Mary Oliver, really speaks to me, and yet, I’m such an urbanite, primal is
    an overused word but, in her case I think it appropriate. I wish many long
    sleepless nights of reading books you can’t possibly put down:-)
    Happy New Year.

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