Lately, I have been feeling good about myself,

not just keeping up a good front,

 or being PR for customers,

genuinely good.

It’s as if,

years of waiting for life to happen,

or the mad dash to live everything in a few months,

had settled down.

A switch was hit on January 1 st ,

and the confidence of my youth,




I don’t know.

Maybe my mind was working it out,

 while I slept:-)

I have hopes and dreams, again.

I am me again,

with a vengeance:-)

That doesn’t mean I no longer doubt,

doubting myself and my motivations,

are very much, me.

It does mean,

 I trust myself more.


 enough navel gazing.

It occurs to me,

 I have not discussed,

 The Elements of Butch Style,

in a while.

One of the things you learn early,

in the Butch Handbook,

is a philosophical and attitudinal element,

one that is very hard to grasp and perfect,

it’s all about nuance.


Showing your femme you care,

with all the little things,

opening doors and pickle jars,

leaving love notes and taking out the garbage,

rubbing her feet and polishing her shoes,

learning about the things that interest her,

even if they involve,

 Opera and flower arranging:-)

Solicitude is not about loosing yourself,


 it is about taking care of her.

It is not about dominance,

 it is about tenderness.

Solicitude is a lifetime of tweaking.

It involves selflessness and altruism.

It is the true essence of butch.

It’s hard work being butch,


the rewards are tremendous.

**my cheek is hurting**

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