Beautiful day,

sunny, sunny,

going to be eleven,


oh yeah!

Went out with my friend,

busy writer,

last night,



was nice,

very nice,

she’s amazing,

I don’t think,

I tell her that,



I did last night,

and no,

it wasn’t,

because of,

the beer.

I haven’t been,


so well,



half a pitcher,

of beer,

went to my head,


I’m getting to be,


in my rapidly,


middle age,

forty-sixth birthday, looming, yuck!!


The beer went to my head,

more than usual.

This morning,

I’m a little hung over,


the good kind,

not the headache,

or nausea,

or the feeling,

that a small furry,


crawled into,

your mouth,

and died there,


not that kind.

This is more like,


a little lack of focus,

not unpleasant,

just a little vague,


a couple of Aspirins,

an orange,

and several cups,

of very strong,

espresso coffee,

can’t cure.

My ex always said, my coffee is so strong, it melts teeth, a slight exaggeration as I still have all my teeth, but, you get the picture, Strong:-)

been thinking,

about music.


I’m tired or confused,

sad or melancholic,

my mind goes to,


Lately, I have been,

enamored with this,

big, beautiful,


from the UK,


damn, can this girl,


she’s young,

very young,

lots of soul.

It seems to me,

you can’t have that,

kind of soul,

if you haven’t had,




same difference.

This girl,

speaks to me,

btw, I credit Feral, for turning me on to her, thanks, pal:-)

all week I have been,

thinking about,

some major events,

in my life,

trying not to think,

attempting to just,



helps with that.

Last night,

we were discussing,


how wonderful,

it is,

how hard it is,

how living without it,

is hell,

and how,

when you find it,

maybe you should do,

everything in your power,

to realise it,

to keep it,

to nurture it.

I believe that,

that ultimately,

as The Beatles say,

Love is all there is.

Hangovers make me ramble,


then again,

doesn’t everything.

Later girls,


9 Replies to “Soft hangover ramblings”

  1. I could really use some of that teeth-melting coffee myself, friend… Went out to see Rae Spoon and Ivan Coyote last night (an auditorium filled with grey-haired dykes, *swoon*!) then shared a bottle of prosecco with Oats and a friend. Not much booze, but too late for a school night, and all those bubbles go straight to my head…

    I’m glad you like Adele! I listen to her on repeat, over and over and over… It’s lucky that my housemates are also fans, because otherwise they’d have rung my neck by now.

  2. I gotta read Ivan Coyote, which do you suggest?? So we all both have hangovers huh? Adele, Oh My God, love,love, love. That line in Someone Like You, Sometimes it lasts in Love and sometimes it hurts instead, wow. Be well, my friend:-)

  3. I prefer Ivan’s live storytelling and her columns in Xtra to her books, so I can’t really recommend any volume in particular… But hey, I’ve got a spare copy of The Slow Fix that I’ll mail you if you send me your address.

    If you’re hankering after some sweet Rae Spoon music, my favourite song has always been “All Washed Up” from his first album, though I like a lot of his more recent stuff too… Listen to it at his CBC Radio 3 page.

  4. First, don’t mind the topsy.utc–it’s me HBJacks, diff. laptop, diff. persona….
    Sounds like you had a good night. I’m not surprised that you went out last night. I have never gotten out of the habit of treating Thursday night like Friday night. It is an undergrad./grad. holdover. Everyone went out on Thursday b/c lots of folk went home on Friday. Thus, I and my friends have yet to shake the feeling that when Thursday rolls around we should be going out…so we do:-)!

    I have never had a hangover–“Not that there’s anything wrong with that!…Really.”–so I don’t really understand the fuzzy feeling. But least you think I’m some Bible Belt Tee Totaller, rest assured, I drink, but I am so anal, that I always drink twice the water to counter any potential effects of the alcohol.

    I’m glad that you don’t have any real ill effects to your beer buzz.

    Exactly how close is 46 looming? Is it next week or more like in “When Harry Met Sally”…”out there”? Regardless, as long as you are healthy, then what’s to worry about?

  5. I love When Harry Met Sally !!!, very close, as in next month:-) I like to bitch and moan about my age, but, I’m not really old. Anal? Huh? Girl, you have to experience a hangover at least once in your life!! A soft one, like the one I’m having today, the really bad ones, are for the very young and usually involve Tequilla and at least one illicit substance, so, you’re safe right??

  6. As clever and persuasive as you may be BB, you won’t convince me that a hangover, even a ‘soft’ one is a ‘Good Thing!’.

    My friends and family have been trying for years! It hasn’t worked…I’m always the designated driver. If I’m going to be involved in some catastrophic accident, then it will be of my own making…I’m sure that if I ended up dead ’cause I let someone else be the designated driver, I’d be really pissed:-)!

    And, Nope, no illicit subs., not even uninhaled marijuana:-)

  7. I’m always safe I don’t drive:-) So, it’s the subway, in Montreal, we call it the M├ętro, or a taxi, depending on the time, I have become, reasonable, over the years. As you wish, no hangovers for you, but, you don’t know what you’re missing

  8. I think I could use a hangover just to get me into the fuzzies and “out” of my head for a while. I have been too much “in” my head lately.
    I’m going to check out Adele. I have been listening to Sara Ramirez on repeat, not only for her voice, but for my fantasies!

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