Good day to you all.

It is a hot morning,

here in my beautiful ugly,

July in the city,

I have a love/hate relationship with,


The light is long and true,

there is heavy humidity and also,


both positive and negative,

things I love and some,

not so much.

This Summer,

so far,

the scorching heat,

has been minimal


maybe it’s because I like,


less and less,

or maybe it’s because,

removing my alien has,

made me so much more,


less winded and breathless,

bloated and fat,

but, I don’t mind the heat,

I don’t bask in it,

I am not a lizard,


I am managing.


This week,

I have been looking into,

future sources of income,

of employment,


I am looking into an idea,

that I had sort of come up,


a few years ago,

an idea that got pushed to,

the back of the pantry,

hanging out with old cans of soup,¬†opened and mangled boxes of bicarbonate,¬†and,¬†other not quite detritus,¬†still good, but,¬†not quite sure what to use them…for.

This week,

I resurrected,

my teaching English

as a second language,


sent away for a packet of information,

will look into cost of accreditation,

and see if it’s for me.

I also have an idea that would entail,

another small business.

After years of working for myself,


subsequently re-entering the work force,

I have come to the conclusion,

that working for myself is,

what I want.

I intend to keep,

my part time job,

keep working on my creative endeavours,


develop an income generator,

everyone needs one of those.

I’m feeling good,

positive, optimistic,


walking my road.

Later girls,




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