Good morning,

from the land of,


lots of snow,

fell overnight,

walked home from,

my pal’s last night,

in a blizzard,

ah yes it’s Winter.

I hate Winter,

it’s an age thing,

the older you get,

the more you hate,


or maybe,

that’s just,

a grouchy ole butch,


could be,


I will say one thing,

as I walked home,

last night,

the wind pelting,

the snow pellets,

into my face,

I was struck,

by two things,

the snow is,

pretty and clean,


it brings with it,

a quiet,

you don’t often get,

in the city.

The sidewalks were covered,

in what looked like,

diamond dust

(freshly fallen snow hasn’t had time to be contaminated with dirt)

I was tempted to,

take a picture,

I take pictures,

of everything lately,

yep, selfies, grilled cheese sandwichs, you name it, kind of weird and kind of fun:-)


I was worried,

I would damage my phone,

wouldn’t want that to,


This morning,

we have about,

20 centimeters of the stuff,


people are digging out,

their cars and wrecking,

the sidewalks,

the joys of Winter


I meant to tell you all,

a few days ago,

about this contest,

on Women and Words,

a terrific web site,

the Christmas Hootenanny,

all you have to do,

is leave a comment,

can just be Hi:-)


you can win,

one of many books,

pretty cool, eh?

and guess what,

I won one,

I’m super hyped!!

It’s fun,


a good way to encourage,

dyke writers,

so mossy on down there,

you all.

Maybe the snow,


winning the book,

is signaling,

a windfall,

or tide turning,

(to mix metaphors wink)

for me,

as my ex would say,

‘could happen”

Fingers crossed,

have a great day,

be well.

Later girls,


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