My Ramblings

Shortest it’s ever been

The bald butch?

Hello everyone,

hope the weather,

is as pleasant,

where you are,

as here,

in my beautiful ugly.

Sweet and breezy,

some storm clouds,

on the horizon but,



so good.

The Summer of Covid,

no lack of interesting,


twists and turns.

I don’t know,

if I mentioned this,

might have, might not,


I joined a dating site,

Silver Singles,

for the over 50 crowd.

It’s not strictly over 50,

there are a few women,

in their late 40’s.

All these mature,

women looking for,

other mature women,

well in the section I am looking in

long story short,

too late, as my bff says:-)

Friday evening,

I have a date,

it’s an outdoor art installation,

masks will be worn,

so pretty much,

the safest,

date possibility,

in this Covid conscious world.

So yesterday,

my hair,

was looking a little,

shaggy around the ears,

and since I want to look,

my best for Friday.

I pull out the clipper,

I commence the trimming,

the clipper goes rogue,

and chomps up,

a patch of hair!

It was bad,

and not something,

you can easily fix.

In fact,

I had two options:

attempt a mohawk,

not gonna happen,

or go almost bald buzz.

I was pissed,

but, what you gonna do, right?

So, I buzzed it off.

This is the shortest,

it has been,


Once I had finished,

buzzing it off.

I contemplated,

cancelling the date.

Who’s gonna want to,

go on a date,

with a bald butch,


And then I thought,

I will wear a cap,

and will write to her,

to explain the mishap.

She was absolutely lovely,

about it.

I wear caps all the time,

but, never have I worn,

a cap,

on an evening date.

Mind you,

My last live,

first date,

goes back,

a number of years.

I was in a long term,


for a long time.


I had a long distance,


So, no live dates,

nice dates, romantic dates,

but not live ones.

This one will be,

right here in,

my beautiful ugly.

In the Gay Village,

or as we refer to it,

the Village.

My hair is the shortest,

it has ever been,

the shortest of short,

military cuts.

I am thinking,

why not go,

without a cap?

Depending on the heat,



In this Summer,

of chances,

of exploration,

this Summer of Covid,

why not be me,

without any,


you can’t hide behind hair,

when you have no hair.

Food for thought.

Stay safe, Stay Hydrated,

wear a mask

Be well you all.

Later girls,


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