It is a glorious sunny,

Sunday morning.

Cool, not quite crisp,


but it’s a comin’:-)

I think a walk and a little shop around,

are in order,

gonna go check out the cords,

I’d like a pair of cords,

dark beige,

British khaki,

or maybe grey.

Want to take a look,

at the new Blundstone styles,

love these 550’s, like the originals but, all leather lined and supposed to be even more comfortable, the colour is awesome, don’t you think? Moss green suede. I tell you girls, this could be love:-)

see the scarves,

the caps,


my favourite accessory season,


I’ve been lusting after,

a suede jacket,

the one I had is,

way too big,

(that’s a good thing:-)


sort of tattered,

one of my favourite styles,

in suede jackets,

is a varsity type,

modified aviator style,

this one is perfect,

It’s also $650.00,

so I’ll hunt around,

the nice thrift shops,

on St-Laurent,

see if I can’t find one,

perhaps less ‘perfect’




So this will be,

a scouting afternoon,

butch style.

Suede on my mind:-)

Have a great Sunday.

Later girls,


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