Things are almost finished,

I know,

it seems I keep saying that,


these things take time,

patience grasshopper


Still experiencing problems,


I mean books,


I’m working my way through,

slowly, slowly,

On Equilibrium,

by John Raulston Saul,

a philosophy book,

for reasonably literate,

non philosophy types,

I think I fit into that category,

haven’t had time to read for a long stretch,


I think I’m going to like it,

I rescued it,

from the fill a bag for ten bucks sale


Last night,

mom was watching TV,

it was blaring away,


she wanted to watch some,

news show,

about terrorism in the world.

She asked me what I thought,

I told her that next to a show,

about bookstores closing,

all over the world,

that’s the last thing,

I’d want to watch.

So she suggested something,

on Discovery,


All The President’s Men Revisited,


that was more like it.

I love American history,




that movie,

which shows,

the power of journalism,


the abuse of power,

good stuff.

This show,

featured interviews,

with Woodward, Bernstein, Redford, Hoffman,

as well as,

John Dean and many other of the President’s men.

I was  young,

when all the Watergate stuff,

was going down,

a kid really,


I remember,

as a Canadian looking from outside,

the impact it had,

culturally as well as politically.

I loved Woodward and Bernstein,

as personified by Redford and Hoffman,

they were fantastic,

a study in contrasts,

Bernstein-Hoffman all brash lefty Jew,

Woodward-Redford waspy meticulate calm,

working together,

as young journalists,

to crack,

what would become,

one of the greatest political stories,

of the twentieth century.

So good,

the story,

the movie,

filled with some great character actors,

Jason Robards,

Jack Warden,

Martin Balsam,

Hal Holbrook,

Jane Alexander,

top notch,

if you’ve never seen this movie,


some of Redford’s best work,

as an actor,

from his political “Three Days Of The Condor” period.

This movie stands up,

even Redford’s style is impeccable,

corduroy suits,

long sideburns,

the ties are too wide,


hey that was the time.

I’ve seen this movie,

many times,

in whole or in part,

I discover new things each time.

I hesitate to use the word,


I believe this is,

a masterpiece of cinema,

a great American movie,

from the seventies,

a time of turmoil,

violence and gritty moviemaking.

It is full of thrill and intelligence,



Rent it,

watch it on Netflix,

see it,

worth your time.


be entertained,



learn a thing or two,

I did and do,


Later girls,


4 Replies to “Revisiting can be stimulating”

  1. Hey BB-
    I was a child when Watergate happened too. I will check out that movie. Thanks for the suggestion. I wonder if my generation has suffered repercussions from having our President resign in disgrace. I wonder if we are, some how, more cynical or apathetic towards politicians. hmmmm…. Of course, I am speaking as an American.

  2. I don’t think we are cynical or apathetic, I think we know we deserve better from our politicians.
    It’s a fabulous movie, I hope you enjoy it. Btw, the Canadian political scene is not great shakes and that, my dear is an understatement:-)

  3. I’ve only seen the film once (I went through a phase of watching all the Top 250 films on IMDB some years back…list-obsessions…but this yielded some FINE viewing from those that I’d missed along the way) but although I’d thought it might seem dated and removed, I was wholly impressed. I haven’t been re-viewing anything lately, but I am re-reading Timothy Findley’s The Wars and it has reminded me how much good works deserve multi-passes.
    Have a good weekend!

  4. I am sad to say I read The Wars in a hurried fashion for a college class, I know it deserves a second careful reading and since I have become very interested in World War I in the last little while, it’s om my list ‘to read’ this year. Great works of art no matter how old retain their freshness and universality. You have a great weekend too:-)

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