Good morning all,
hope you are all,
I know it's been a while.
Not sure my writer's block is,
something has been gnawing,
at the back of my mind,
for weeks.

I don't know if this ever,
happens to you:
someone says something,
that bugs you,
it isn't anything big,
or fighting words,
it's an assumption,
about you,
about your life,
or about your culture,
your city.
They make a sweeping generalization,
they think they know.

To be perfectly honest,
I am confident that I
do this kind of oafish thing,
all the time.

People make remarks,
they think are helpful,
they offer sympathy,
when no sympathy,
is required,
they tell you the truth,
about your past, 
about your family,
they correct your memories.

The thing is,
we need to,
the good stuff,
forget the less... good.
We need to forgive,
it's healthy,
it's sanity.
Some of us might even need,
to construct and create,

to quote John Lennon:

Honestly, the truth isn't,
always, all,
that it is cracked up,
to be.

Some people have such bad,
memories, such horror,
they invent, they fantasize,
they anchor themselves to,
whatever they find,
whatever they come up with,
and who are we to cut the line?

If people,
get up,
go to work,
pay their taxes,
don't hurt others,
don't hurt themselves,
make it through the nights,
then who are we to tell them,

Sometimes, people, need us to listen,
to offer a shoulder, an ear.

It is human nature,
to try and fix things,
to try and help,
that is a good thing,
but, sometimes all that is,
required is,
letting people believe,
their truth

Be well, all of you.

Later girls,

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