It’s one of those,

hot humid days,

my hair feels,

like it might,



trust me girls,

my hair is straight,

the straightest,

part of me:-)

The long weekend,

is coming to an end,


I have a few things,

on my mind.

They are in no way,


they are reflections,

on what’s been,

going on,

in the news.

Prince William,

and his lovely new bride,


the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge,

have been visiting,


It is their first,

foreign visit,

as a newly married couple.

Their visit has been,

a great success,

people want to get,

a look at them,

the beautiful people.

At this point I should,


I have a thing,

for Royals,


fairy tale,

love stories,

so I like,

Will and Kate.

I know it’s silly,


I can’t help myself:-)

Here in Québec,

they have been,

met with protests,


a little controversy,

an opportunity,

to show,

once again,

that we are a,

distinct society.

I respect,

people’s right to,


it is,

a basic democratic right,


I wish they would,

protest about,

corruption in municipal government,

or the state,


health care,

the environment,

the rights of,

the poor,

the homeless,

the sorry ass state,

of our education system,

you know,

important stuff.

I realise,

the royal family,

are seen,

as a symbol,

of colonial oppression,

and aristocratic domination,



I like Kate and Will,

they’re cute,

and smart.

Enough said.

What do you all think?

Another story,

that has been,

on my mind,

is much more,


The Dominique Strauss-Kahn affair.

When he was first arrested,

for sexual assault,

on a hotel maid,

in New York City.

It looked at first glance,

like a clear cut case,

of a powerful man,

abusing of that power,

wouldn’t be the first time,

nor the last.

Turns out,

it’s more complicated,

usually is!!!

The woman who accused him,

might not be so credible.

What buggs me most,

about the whole thing,

once again,

many women,

will not come forward,

when raped or abused.


because of fear,

of not being believed,

or of being,


The more things change,

the more they stay the same.

Gloria Steinem was right,

it takes at least,

a hundred years,

for real changes to occur,

one day maybe,

women will not be victimised,

by the judicial system,

and people,

will not feel compelled,

to make things up,

for whatever reason.

I’m an idealist,

what can I say.

I don’t know,

if this woman lied,


I don’t think,

that’s the point.

The point is,

the power struggle,

and iniquity,

goes on.

So that’s been on my mind.

What do my girls think?

Later girls,


10 Replies to “Reflections on royals and power”

  1. One might ask why the fact that she might have lied before in her life (*gasp* shocking to think that someone might lie at some point in their life) matters more than whether he has lied and why hers matter more and etc. Very very upsetting.

    And yes, people could find better things to protest about I think. I really don’t care either way about the Royals, I just ignore it all 🙂

  2. Hmmm you ask provocative questions. That whole Dominique Strauss-Kahn affair is troubling on so many levels, it’s hard to know where to begin, but what we will never know is the truth. Like you I look forward to the day when power is not abused in any way shape or form, against anyone or any thing, including the planet.

    I agree with you about protests, but the thing is protesters in democratic countries just aren’t that strategic any more. It’s fine to make a public statement about ancient colonial powers, and all past evils, but what does that do for the hear and now, exactly? Better to protest against, oh I don’t know, the proliferation of puppy mills in Quebec…and everything to do with the current federal government.

  3. Those puppy mills, argh, don’t get me started on those!!! if what Gandhi said that, a society should be judged by how it treats it’s
    animals- is any kind of an indication, we are in deep, deep trouble. Thoughtful, as always, thanks:-)

  4. BB: I promise not to get you started. And yet, Ghandi was not particularly good to his wife. And I should have said, … “for the hear and now. Sometimes cheekiness doesn’t always carry well.

  5. Yeah, well it’s still a good quote:-) and we should all treat animals and people as we would like to be treated
    with respect. Your cheekiness always carries well:-)

  6. Protesting the Royals is easy. Protesting societal wrongs is hard…so, most folk pick the easy thing, then congratulate themselves for standing up to or against something…protesting those “kids” is like an adult yelling at a 5 year old for something his or her parent did…

  7. I would comment on DS-K, but since I live in Texas and am almost a neighbor to Florida, I am too busy yelling that our legal system says that someone is innocent until proven guilty. Who can pay attention to NY when we have the Caylee sideshow in FL?! What is it about that kid which makes her so special? How many other deaths of children are ignored why this one has been anointed special?!…there were gaping holes in the prosecution’s case and the jury recognized it!….I shall stop before this becomes a full out rant!…

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