Hello all, 
hope you are feeling,
chipper and spry.
Did your favourite groundhog,
give your wished for...prognosis?
Psychic reading?
Here's hoping.

in the beautiful ugly,
it is mild, damn mild,
sucker you in to thinking,
it's Spring,
I say,
enjoy it while it lasts.
You won't hear me,
about a lack of snow.
Snow in the city,
is pretty for a half hour,
after that,
it's a nuisance.
For you,
outdoorsy Winter frolicking types,
my sympathies,
for the rest of us,
woo hoo!!

February is here and that's means,
no matter what the groundhog,
isn't far behind.
Far and soon,
are relative concepts.
One person's soon is,
another person's far.

I'm feeling good,
for the weirdest reasons,
off the top of my head,
I would say:
red wine and stretch jeans.

I read an article:

also, I know drinking red wine,
is good for you, 
your heart etc
I have discovered...
better late than never,
that I actually love,
red wine.
So, for the past few weeks,
I have been picking up,
a bottle of red at our state run,
liquor stores,
I have few guidelines
it must be under $10 dollars,
it has to:
speak to me,
name, label, region,
any and all of the above.
Two weeks ago it was,
a big bold Italian,
last week, a Spanish wine.
What this week brings,
I do not know,
but, there is always,
a vast selection,
even with my broke butch,
budget and criterion.
I have one glass with dinner,
after a really rough, frustrating day,
I feel better,
I digest better,
I feel less stress,
I am less cranky,
win, win, win, win.

Next week,
I am taking a two day class,
paid for by the office,
a CPR and rescue course,
You spend a lot of time,
bent over a mannequin.
I thought it would be important,
to be comfortable,
I did not want to show one iota,
of butt crack,
I don't have an ounce of plumber in me.

I am not the most conventional of people,
I do not consider,
sweatpants and or yoga pants,
appropriate attire,
aside from,
working out and or lounging,
I did make an exception,
when recovering from surgery,
last year.
I'll wear hoodies, flannel shirts etc,
I work in a very informal setting,
the world is a more and more,
informal place,
which has it pros and cons.
but, I draw the line at,
sweatpants to work.

So, I had to figure something out.
I know that lots of women,
wear stretch jeans,
but, I'm a butch,
I don't do girl jeans.
A few months ago,
I had seen posters,
all over American Eagle,
promoting these flex jeans,
of theirs.
Yesterday, I thought I would try,
some on, to see.

Oh my,
game changers.
As I slipped them on,
I wondered,
where have these jeans,
been all my life?
Yes, they are that comfortable,
they are also nice,
and, although not cheap,
very reasonable,
second pair was half off.
Remains to be seen,
how long they will last,
it is bound to be better,
than my Old Navys,
whose crotch blew after,
six months.
No more Old Navy jeans for me,
they are cheap but...
I have some awesome Gaps,
slim fit,
and now.
these stretches,
from American Eagle,
I think I am covered.

Learning new things,
discovering new things,
experimenting new things,
even when they are,
as silly,
as being giddy over new jeans,
keeps you going.

Enjoy what's left of the Winter,
maybe even get out and shake,
your booty, groove thing,
or butt

Be well.

Later girls

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