Good morning you all.
Happy New Year!!
for such late New Year wishes,
but, I have been very busy.

Technically, perfectly alright,
to wish each other happy new year,
until the end of January,
so we're good

I had lots of time off,
before, during Christmas,
well into the New Year.
I spent a lot of time,
with friends,
with my mother,
we binge watched, 
a lot of older television,
this year it was,
five seasons of,
Big Love on Crave TV,
we loved it,
complex imperfect characters,
living a complex imperfect life,
throw in some,
complex imperfect religion,
Mormonism in all it's,
odd permutations.
A really fascinating show,
with some first class performances,
check it out,
if people and religion are,
spheres of interest.
Top notch, IMHO.

I also spent lots of time,
reading, I read Allan Cumming's
Not My Father's Son,
brilliant and touching,
also very hard,
especially for those of us,
who have had,
imperfect relationships with,
our fathers, most of us,
I think.

I read The Fur Person,
by May Sarton,
a delightful book,
about a cat,
by someone who,
loves and understands them.
A terrific book.

I made it through most of,
The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A F***.
A millennial take on the self help book,
it's not bad, a little bit crude,
but, that is intentional,
a wake up call,
it definitely has it's merit.

I am now reading The Lonely City,
by Olivia Laing,
part memoir, part essay,
about the link between,
loneliness, solitude,
and creativity,
another good one.

I read Pete Grieg's follow up to,
Red Moon Rising.
Dirty Glory.
Pete Grieg is the founder of 24-7,
a world wide prayer movement,
he is an enthusiastic man,
who has been through lots.
I admire his determination,
and strong faith.
He has doubt like everyone,
but, he is a rock.

I have also spent much time,
in bible reading, bible study,
comparing different translations,
learning the history, 
the poetry,
the theology.
When I embarked on my journey,
a year ago,
I had no idea just how,
complex and fascinating it was.

I also have a new task at work,
teaching arithmetic to people,
in the literacy program,
it is early days,
I love it,
it is fun, rewarding,
uses my talents and pushes,
me to surpass myself,
while helping others,
discover tools that allow them,
to believe in themselves,
wow, great stuff.

So, that is what I have been doing,
these lasts few weeks.

I have also had a really bad case,
of writer's block,
I am praying,
for it to evaporate,

Be well you all.

Later girls,

4 Replies to “reading directions and musings”

  1. “Big Love” was so interesting on a number of levels and the acting was top-notch. I liked how the “secondary” characters brought out so many layers to the central cast, especially within the religious community. It must have been fun to binge-watch that with your mom! Good luck with the writer’s block and with the reading you’ve been enjoying. (The Fur Person: such a favourite!)

  2. I loved Big Love and The Fur Person is a treasure.
    Sorry it took so long to respond to your comment I guess I didn’t see it on my hiatus. As well, good to hear from you

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