Last night,
another senseless act of "terror".
I put terror in quotation marks because,
it is an act of terror,
against people, but, it does not appear to be,
politically or religiously motivated.
It is hate motivated.

We live,
in a world,
where lots of people,
have hate in their hearts.
I imagine,
that hate comes from,
different places,
different hurts,
different slights,
different senses,
Ugly, sad, pathetic.

is a gorgeous place,
the south of France,
a beautiful country,
rich with history,
some of the best writers,
wine, perfume,
ideas and philosophies,
come from that,
great nation.

It is also,
a nation with a history,
of excluding many,
a history of colonialism,
and violent "reactionism",
all great nations,
small nations,
great and small,
are masses of contradictions.

Events such as these,
bring forth,
blood lust and blood thirst in people.
Families, children,
senselessly slaughtered,
on a day of national celebration,
why? what is the world coming to?

We must resist the blood lust,
it will only lead to more,
violence and exclusion,
we must change the world,
talk to each other,
embrace the fact that we all,
want very similar things,
peace, safety, joy, love.

I not only believe this,
I know it.
We change the world and opinions,
one person at a time.

Let us not reach for the fear,
and ugliness,
reach for hope and love.

Is you think that makes me,
a foolish optimist,
I say,
so what?

Have a good day everyone,
love each other,
make love,
not war

Later girls,

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