Strangely enough,

it’s a beautiful morning,

strangely because,

it’s windy,

and all kinds of rain,

is expected,

so far, so good.

I’m keeping my fingers crossed,

that Sandy cools down,

so she doesn’t cause too much damage,

mostly to our friends,

down south,

batten down the hatches, girls,

stay safe,

be well.

Yesterday, was a family BBQ,

last of the season,

we ate inside,


yes, we did have,

beer can chicken,

dry rub, hickory smoked,

with potatoes and squash puree,

doesn’t get much better,

than that:-)

Everyone was in a good mood,

kids were all talking,

a thousand miles an hour,

even the little ones,

who don’t talk much.

We were celebrating,

my cousin Max’s,


my bachelor uncle’s birthdays,

late for Max and early for Unc,

with a little Halloween thrown in for,

good measure.

We held our annual draw.

You see many years ago,

we came up,


a plan for Christmas,

instead of buying everyone a present,

we buy presents for the kids,


the adults all draw a name,

from a hat,

and buy a present of no more,

than thirty dollars value,

we provide a list of choices,

some years,

it takes two or three rounds,

’cause inevitably someone,

picks their own name,

one year it took,

six rounds,

we were getting major,



there was also much giggling:-)

This year,

first try,

is a charm,

wou hou!!!

Also you can end getting,

someone who is no fun,

to shop for,

example my aunt’s husband,


the most obnoxious,

man on earth,


bachelor uncle,

who provides one choice,

usually  something for his camera,

or computer,


This year I got my baby cousin,

now this guy,

gives you some choices:-)

I always ask for something,


that I need,

or some gift certificates,

so I can get some,




I’m way too picky,

to go ahead,


tell them to get me,

some socks,


of course the things,

I want are all too expensive,

plus truth be told,

I don’t need much.


I’ve been going through a list of things,

I’d like if,


wasn’t an object,


I find that most,

are additions to my wardrobe,

kind of vain and self-absorbed on my part,


mom wants stuff for the house,


I want stuff for my bod.

So, what the vain butch,

is lusting after this year,


Pinned Image

Moss green suede Blundstones,



Winter Blundstones,

thinsulate lined.

(boxing day sales should provide me the discount to make them worth while)

Pinned Image

Some Woolrich plaid,

in the form of a new shirt,

or Irish wool cap

(going with my friend Denise to the Woolrich sale end of November)

Pinned Image

A shawl collared chunky cardigan.

Pinned Image

Some bad ass bandannas.

And the list goes on….

I always thought I was an anarchist,

bleeding heart liberal,

bookish butch,


maybe I’m a vain consumerist butch after all??

or maybe,

just maybe,

I want to look hot for my lady,


let’s go with that,

I want it all for her:-P

This is a perfect example of justification, even for our silly vanities, fact is, it’s ok, to want to look good, to care about style and hair and fun and music and dancing and books, as the great Emma said ‘If I can’t dance, I don’t want any part of your revolution’ or close enough anyway:-)

Let’s let our hair down,

once in a while,

all thought and no fun.

make for a very dull butch.

Later girls,




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