It is a beautiful,

that may be understating it,

October morning,

the sky a brilliant shade,

of blue,

wispy traces of,


fluffy clouds,

Autumn at it’s best.

Weird time of year,

the Fall,

some of us love it,



we dread,

a little anyway,

the coming of Winter,

the cold and the dark.

Winter isn’t all bad,

it has it’s moments,

quiet and cosiness,

time to do things,



In a climate and culture like,


much is done in Winter,


Fall is time to prepare,

to consider,

what we need for the long,

white cold.

You need to access your,


book reserves,

you know,

important stuff:-)

Maybe consider,

a hobby,

or finally,

writing that novel,

you’ve been talking about,

for so many years,

people are starting to doubt.

The change of season,

makes me happy,

I like the cool,

I like the smells,

of Fall,

in the city,

fallen leaves,

beats smoldering garbage smell,

any day.


I’m a city butch,

always have been,



I don’t like the noise,

the smells,

the traffic.

I like the bustle,

the energy,

the possibilities,


the stimulation.


what I need is a,



like rich people,

part city,

part cabin in the woods,



time for reflection.

Bustle and peace.


that would be ideal,

I’ll keep on striving for that:-)

In the meantime,

I’ll go for long walks,

by the river,

where it smells,

of leaves and water,




not far on the horizon,

is the city,

the people,

the energy.

Later girls,


here’s a goofy picture, taken by my friend Pierre(that’s him behind the camera, wearing a similar cap, mine is nicer, Go Red Sox Go!!! Taken for Plaidurday, a Saturday to celebrate plaid. The shirt is an L.L.Bean, Swann plaid.







8 Replies to “Ramblings of Fall and city, country….”

  1. Love the pick (but go Yankees!).

    I’m about 1/3 of the way through Persistence. You’re so right – it’s excellent!

  2. er, by “pick”, I meant “pic”. Doh! (I was just looking over my picks in the football pool for the week). Silly brain.

  3. I grew up rooting Giants & Jets (NY city born & bred). I went to school in Chicago – during the time of the Superbowl Bears with Walter Payton/Jim McMahon, so I root Bears when there’s no conflict. And now I live in Cleveland, so I also root Browns – a very challenging assignment. I’m an avid sports fan when it comes to football & baseball – but have never felt compelled to restrict myself to one team. It means I get to care about a lot more games for one thing …

  4. Yeah, I get that:-) As you probably know, I’m a hockey freak and of course a Montreal Canadiens fan, Go Habs Go! But, I like other teams too as long as they aren’t beating my Habs:-) Football I always liked as a kid (my dad watched a lot of sports) less so now but, I love an underdog. Baseball I hardly watch anymore except
    for playoffs, we used to have a baseball team in Montreal the Expos and for a few years we had a great team. The years od Carter, Dawson, Raines-some damn good teams, since they’ve gone, I’ve become a Red Soxs fan, sort of, I like the optimism and never say die attitude of the fans too, plus Boston is the closest major
    American city to Montreal and I love the city of Boston. My ultimate love in sports, besides hockey of course, is Olympic sports, love everything about it, well aside from the politics and the cheating:-P but, isn’t that true of lots of things.

  5. I totally love Olympic sports – in fact that’s where I first saw & enjoyed hockey. I don’t watch NHL ever – but my mom was a big Devil’s fan before she died – and she got hooked on hockey during the ’80 Lake Placid Olympics.

    I remember your Expos of Dawson & Raines well. I really liked Tim Raines as a player – that speed!

  6. He sure was quick:-) I have a soft spot for your teams- the Jets, because my dad loved Namath so much, and for the bears ’cause of those George Wendt Saturday Night Live skits, remember those, “Da bears” the giants I like too, ’cause they beat that arrogant pretty boy Tom Brady. The Browns I don’t know well, but, I gotta say not crazy about their jerseys, boy, oh boy, what a girlie thing to say:-P

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