It’s still mild here,

nothing to complain about,

that’s for sure.

The sky is more,

grey than blue,


after all,

that is the November,

colour palate,

in Montreal.

Feeling lazy,

in a good way,

looking towards,

the weekend.

I haven’t too much planned,

this weekend,

which is good,

I’ve got some reading,

to catch up on.

I’ve decided,

On Black Hill,

isn’t for me,

at this time,

the beauty of library books,

you aren’t feeling it,

you just bring them back,

no foul,

no expenditure.

I’m almost finished that,

Quebecois detective novel,

I was telling you about,


not great,



Last night,

I picked something up,

off of mom’s shelf,

Regeneration by Pat Barker,

a World War I novel,

I bought it for her,

a few years ago,

mom is more WW II,


since I read,

Graves and Remarque,

this year,

I have become,

fascinated with World War I.

The Barker novel,

is the first part,

of a trilogy,

critically acclaimed,


prize rewarded,

after fifteen pages,

I can already see why.

Both Robert Graves and Siegfried Sassoon,

are important characters,

fascinating men,

good writers,

speakers of truth,

about the war and it’s folly.

A good,




a smart book,

on a hard subject,

just what the ole butch needs.

I’ve also been thinking about,


what to buy,

for whom,

what I want,

aside from world peace, obviously! Weird skewed reference to Groundhog Day, possibly the deepest comedy of all time.

I like Christmas,

I like my family,

my friends,

sharing time,



I don’t like the fact,

that it now,

seems to last,

two months,

that by the time,

Christmas eve rolls in,

I can’t take the music,


so I refuse,

to decorate anything,

before December 1st,

way early enough,

a month is enough,

too much really,


one must concede some,

when one runs,

a business.

In the past few years,

I only use,





I came up,


what I think,


well, ya,

a genius idea:-P

For adult gifts,

I wrap them in,

pretty dish towels,

or bandannas,


you never have,

too many dish towels!

You can be silly,



I use the persons,

favourite colour,


for instance,

for the ex,

I get something in green,

she loves green,

for mom,

a nice taupe lineny,


In the family gift draw,

this year,

I got my cousin Max,

so depending,

what I get him,

off his list,

it will either be wrapped,

in a towel,

or scarf,

guys need stuff too,

you know.

I don’t like the waste of paper,


to be perfectly,


I’m not an accomplished,


so this way,

it’s ‘green’ practical and easy,

tie it up,

with nice ribbon,

you’re golden:-)

To all my American girls,

I hope you are enjoying,

your long Thanksgiving weekend.

Later girls,


4 Replies to “Ramblings bits about books and wrapping”

  1. I like your approach to wrapping presents. So practical and considerate – wonderfully butch characteristics.
    A family I know has a collection of cloth bags in wild colours, designs and a variety of sizes. They are kept in a big Xmas basket for anyone to use – just add label. Wish I could be so organized.

  2. I absolutely love that trilogy, all three, but I’ve read the first one twice. Just thinking about them makes me hurt a little, and there’s a scene that I can’t shake, but that’s also why I love them.

  3. It is a very powerful book, disturbing and so, sensitive to the hell that thesde men have lived through, I intend to read the trilogy, a very impressive writer, few words and yet so evocative and clear, craft.

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