I had a good day.

The weather was great,

sunny, mild,

real nice,

ah Spring,

happy sigh

The books are all gone,

I now have,

an empty bookstore,


I managed to liquidate,

an entire bookstore,

in seven weeks!!!

Well, three quarters, the last quarter, I sold to a local guy who sells used stuff, furniture, books etc, he used to come to the bookstore when we was a young guy. Nice to keep everything in the neighbourhood.

It would seem,

I’m better at liquidating,


than keeping them operational


(I’m kidding)

I have to thank,

my loyal customers,


the locals,

for helping me,

by buying lots of books,


steadily emptying the shelves.

Just like I have,

to thank,

my mom,

for believing in such a crazy dream,

almost nine years ago,

I never could have done it,


her support,

her hard work,


her belief,

in me,

in the potential of books,


the power of dreams,

thanks mom

Now, all I have left to do,

is sweep away the dust bunnies,

walk towards,

the horizon,

down the next bend.

Someone called me,



not quite sure,

what I think about that.

I know she meant it,

in the most complimentary,



For years,

I have referred to myself,

as an eccentric bookseller,

as in:

‘I can wear whatever I want, I’m an eccentric bookseller, thus, sweaters with holes are allowed’



Don’t know what I think of that,

do we take quirky people,


do we give them respect,

do we give them jobs,


food for thought.

Speaking of which,

I’m reading again,

my concentration is back


updates soon.

Be well, all of you,

enjoy the burgeoning Spring.

Later girls,



4 Replies to “Quirky? Really??”

  1. So you like quirky, eh? Doesn’t bring to mind a strange girl who wears patchouli and says ‘like’ every two words?? Just kidding, quirky is ok but, I admit, I prefer eccentric, sounds more bookish:-P

  2. Yes, eccentric is more bookish! It just implys that you have more money then someone who is quirky. 8)

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