Kind of a cloudy one,


still cooler,

I’m grateful for that,

yep, grateful.

Haven’t written much about books,

in a while,

still savouring my John Irving.

Next weekend,

I’m taking Saturday off,


going to the Queer Book Fair:-)

My friend Francoys,

the anarchist,

in tow.

Isn’t the poster amazing?? Has a real butch vibe to it don’t you think??<wink> Love the name, although, I’m pretty confidentĀ most of the attendees will be queer not just between the covers.

I know there will be representatives,

of all the Queer presses,

as well as some zine artists,

it will be in ‘le village’

maybe we’ll have a beer afterwards.

Since L’Androgyne went under,

years ago,

we hardly have anywhere to buy,

gay books,

I think this isĀ especially true,

of lesbian fiction.

So if you happen to be in Montreal,

on Saturday August 18 TH,

maybe I’ll see you there,

I’ll be the butch with the short hair,

accompanied by a jolly rotund,

gentleman anarchist.

Have a good one girls:-)





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