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Pride of a different sort

Hello all,

Hope you are all,


It’s been hot and muggy,



my beautiful ugly.

This weather is enough to,

drive a butch to drink!

I have just violated two of Elmore Leonard’s rules of good writing, I opened with the weather and I used an exclamation mark. Elmore Leonard is not a Canadian(the weather, National obsession) and he probably disapproves of the age of overuse of awesome, the use of ginormous and of course,the aforementioned exclamation mark. But, I digress

I have been writing, a lot.

Journaling, taking notes,

elaborating and jotting.

There are ideas for work,

that’s part of my job,


There are blog ideas,

sketches for novels,

some old ones,

I am thinking of dusting off,

some new and shinny,

in need of patina.

This time of year,

is my most creative,

cooler weather will make it even more so

There is so much to do,


I miss socializing,

getting out,

seeing my people,

seeing other people.

I really missed ,


this year.

Online just isn’t the same.

Walking the streets,

hearing the sounds,

smelling the scents,

of the city,

sweet breeze,


dust, diesel, garbage,

a city trio.

I don’t enjoy those smells,

but they are part of,

the whole,

part of the beautiful ugly.

The olfactory part.

I miss seeing people,

my people,

my gay/queer people,

of all shapes and sizes,

speaking many languages.

I miss,

the smell of,

sweet smelling dandies,

of the male or female,

or non-binary type.

I miss the shimmer of light,

bouncing off,

people’s shades and biceps.

So, no Pride this year for me,

heavy sigh,

but, I celebrated Pride,


I watched,

Gentleman Jack,

oh my,

such twists and turns,

and a lesbian living as close,

to free as one could,

in late 18 th century,

Halifax in Yorkshire, England.

This show is incredibly good,

well written, well played,

the chemistry between the actors,

all of them.

The English countryside,

the costumes,

Suranne Jones who I so loved in Scott & Bailey, plays the dashing and daring and divine Anne Lister, a butch icon.

I was transported in time,

and yet, I felt the very contemporary ness,

of gender,

the roles,

the fluidity,

the power which the dominant,

white males,

refuse to relinquish,

the complicitness of many women,

to keep others in ‘their place’,

and the courage to simply be,

who we are,

who we were meant to be,

whatever that may mean.

Also it’s just a great sexy story


It saved my Pride.

Thanks for reading.

Be well, stay safe,

wear your masks.

Love you all.

Later girls,


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