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Pride 2020

Good morning you all.

Hope your week,

has been wonderful.

Grey and stormy here today,

in my beautiful ugly.

The thunder woke me,

this morning,

but, the drop in,

barometric pressure,

is a Godsend for my knee.

Georgie is sitting,

looking out the window.

He’s been quiet lately.

I am not complaining.

Been a very busy week,

lots of work,

lots of thoughts,

and stimulation.

Oh what a strange Summer it’s been!

And, still…

No end in sight,

to the weirdness.

The Summer of 2020,

the Summer of Covid.

It’s the Summer,

everything got,


no Jazzfest, no anything,

no Pride.

Those of you who know me,

or have been,

reading me for a while,

probably know,

I don’t like crowds.

Parades = crowds,

so parades not really,

my thing.

I go to the Pride parade,

every few years,

when something important,

is happening,

the year Prime Minister Trudeau,

first marched in our parade,


first time a Prime Minister did,

that was important,

a moment I will never forget.

The following year,

the Gay Prime Minister of Ireland,

Leo Varadkar in Canada on a state visit,

marched with his husband,

and Prime Minister,


and the mayor of Montreal,

Valerie Plante.

that was pretty amazing too.

I haven’t been since then.

I love the community day,

when you see and hear,

the choral groups,

the zumba,

the volleyball,

the gay archives,

the trans support groups,

and more,

when all the,

political parties,

civic groups,


some churches,


come out and tell,

us Queer types,

how much they love us.

It’s a chance to see,

that not all,

gay people,

are the same.

We really do represent,

a whole a rainbow.

Like the population,

in general,

we are young,

we are old,

we are middle aged,

we come in all shades,

we come in all shapes,

and sizes,

we speak,

French, English,

Arab, Bengali,

Italian, Greek,






We walk with canes,

we are in wheelchairs,

we are everywhere,

we are everyone.

We are conservative,

we are liberal,

we are progressive,

we are radical,

we are gay,

we are lesbian,

we are bisexual,

we are trans,

we are queer,

we are not straight,

we have straight,


We are out,

we are proud,

some of us,

are ashamed,

some of us,

are in the closet,

some of us are,


some of us think,

marriage equality is the end of,

our struggle.

We sure have,

come a long way,

but, we aren’t there,

not yet….

And yet…

I know I was born on third base,

and have no illusions,

about my batting abilities*

Some people are born on third base and go through life thinking they hit a triple.

Barry Switzer Brainy quotes

I was born in a peaceful country,

into a loving intelligent,


I was born white,

which should not make,

a difference but does.

Are there people with more,

privilege than I?


But, do I have lots,

to complain about?


I miss discussions,

over beers,

in bars,

I miss walking in,

crowded streets,

when Pride time,

comes around,

I will miss walking down,

my beloved Ste-Catherine st,

and feeling, knowing,

that on this day,

I am with my people.

I will miss strutting,


to whatever,

the song of the Summer,

will be.

I will miss Pride,

I will miss being,

the norm,

just for a few hours,

and then happily return,

to being,

the cool freak,

that I am.


These are my,

rambling thoughts ,

for today.

Stay safe, stay hydrated,

wear a mask.

Be kind to yourselves,

and each other.

Be well you all.

Later girls,


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