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Winner GLBT category

Sunday morning,

going on afternoon,

been up for hours,

time goes so quickly,


I am sitting here,

in my L.L Bean flannel robe,

the new one,

Pablo Casals on the Spotify,

Bach cello suites,


perfect music,

to write to,

for me,

maybe your thing,

is death metal,

different strokes.


I had a truly wonderful day,


the sun was out,

it was cold,


I was dressed for it,

took the subway to work,

walked by Starbucks picked,

my double long espresso,

low fat turkey bacon breakfast sandwich,

early, not too early,

strolled to work,

stopped in front of ,

the university building that used to be,

a convent,

took a few pics of the last,

remaining leaves.

This convent used to house,

hundreds of nuns,

a female environment,

French Canadian Catholic nuns,


it houses,

hundreds of students,

of all points on the gender spectrum,

of every creed,

of every race,

who speak,

dozens of different languages,

their habits,

are a little different,


well I think so,

post Catholic society.

The few remaining leaves,

are yellow,

they are always the last.


in early light,

the red are my favourite,

I am a maple leaf butch.

This photo was taken late in the afternoon



this one is a morning shot


both un-doctored,

phone shots.

this one I call,  Saturday morning, after:-)



some red leaves, just because, they are pretty


Shot these before work,

worked all day,

stopped in and had a book chat,

at Argo Books,

at lunchtime,

and then I met my friend,

for dinner.

Just that constitutes,

a pretty good day,


it got better…

After a bowl of Sobe noodles.

coffee and dessert,

a brisk walk around the block,

we proceeded to,

Theatre St-Denis,

to see one of my favourite,

singer songwriters,

Sarah McLachlan.

The St-Denis is.

not too big,

not too small,


sound is fine,

you see well.

We heard,

old favourites,

big hits,

and lots from her,

new album,

Shine on.

Sarah was in fine form,

an accomplished musician,

a gifted songwriter,

a warm and articulate woman,


looking healthy and happy.

Sitting there,

with my old friend,

listening to,

an old friend,

as days go,

this was a pretty darn good one.

Be well you all.

Later girls,



2 Replies to “Pretty darn good day”

  1. I’ve been thinking about yellow leaves being the last. We had a heavy snow this week and so many trees were caught with their leaves – even the sweet gums, whose leaves turn red, orange, yellow – sometimes all on one leaf. The snow has been littered and layered with the sudden fall of leaves – sometimes appearing like those wax paper layerings we made with an iron (and the help of our mother) as kids.

    Your fine day sounds so much like a description of a fine day in my life. The pleasure of good company, a job done, and a night of wonderful entertainment – that can tide me over for a month.

  2. We’ve had just a little snow and yes it does look like those wax papers layerings(I’ve never made those, but, I’ve seen them) It sure was a pretty darn good day and I agree can keep us going for a while:-)

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