canadian blog awards

Winner GLBT category

I have been taking lots of pictures,

some are good,

some ok,


some atrocious,

here are some nice furry beasts,

of my acquaintance.

If you read my blog,

I’m pretty sure you are cat and dog,



the beautiful Odile, wind blowing her whiskers.


My ex’s cat, checking out my boots:-)


The gorgeous, Rosaleigh


An Alaskan Malamut, I met on the street


this old guy, was patiently waiting for his human by the drugstore entrance, I liked his scruffy look

I am experimenting with black and white,

I love black and white.

Hope you like them,

sharing some of the process.

Later girls,


2 Replies to “photos of fluffy and furry beasts”

  1. That Odile gets me every time I see her face. Too cute! I also love the look of Rosaleigh and your ex’s cat.

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