Paying attention

Good morning all.

A grey, mild,

Saturday morning,

here in,

my beautiful ugly.

We just had an incredible,

heat wave,

seemed to last forever.

I have been on vacation this week,

the heat messed with some,

of my plans,

but, things are simply,


I got a chance to get,

some extra sleep,

which was great,

I binge watched,

Work In Progress,

a really interesting series,

I saw some friends,

and I read most of my,

book club book,

Two Solitudes-

an oldie but a goodie.

Canadian canon work.

I read it for our new book club,

we are reading books,

that bring light to the,

Montreal experience,

who we were,

who we are,

where we have been,

where we are going,





and more,

an attempt,

at understanding,

ourselves and each other.

It’s a small book club,

serious readers,

thoughtful bright women,

last night was great,

bodes well for future,


I have promised myself,

that I would,

do less this year,

in order to,

dedicate more time,

to reading, to writing,

to introspection.

Last year was,

a hard year,

last year was,

a busy year,

I may have,

over extended myself.

This year,

I want to work, rest,

read, laugh, grow,

I want to pay attention.

I want to spend time,

with my friends,

I want to spend time,

with my lady,

I want to spend time,

with me.

Have a great weekend,

be good to yourselves,

be good to each other.

Later girls,


By Bookish Butch

I am a bookish butch in my mid early fifties. I live in Montréal and always have. I used to run a small used bookstore. Reading keeps me sane. My latest jiggie is photography, book project in the works, living the dream

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