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Pandemic Soundtrack

Hello everyone,

I am hoping,

you are all well,

keeping safe and healthy.

I have been thinking,

how strange that feels,

fear for health and safety,

to so many of us,

especially here in,

my beautiful ugly,

a safe place.

Montreal is,

a city in which,

there were 25 murders in 2019,

yes, you read that right, 25 murders,

in a city of 1.78 million people,

makes for a pretty safe city.

Sure, zero would be best,

and if we could eliminate,

domestic/violence against women,

it would be practically nothing.

I would love to see that day:-)

All this to say,

fear of leaving the house,

has not,

been a big preoccupation,

for the entirety of my life.

Now, I know a certain amount of fear,

the mounting number of dead,


in our long term care facilities,

for the old and the frail,

the disabled,

in essence,

the people who need us most,

and who we have most failed as a society.

The fear of contacting it,

the virus,

and passing it on to mom,

or someone else in my circle.

Seven weeks of confinement,

leads to thinking,

obsessing about ,


Something needed to change,

I was kind of freakin’ out.

Spring and sunshine have helped,

but it’s been a tardy Spring.

Last week, a new friend,

new friends help too,

asked if I was on Spotify,

I said no, I had the freebie one,

with commercials and I never listened to it.

but, it got me thinking,

I used to have it,

with my cellphone plan,

and when it was no longer free,

I didn’t renew it.

But, late last week I did.

I can’t tell you,

how much better,

I feel,

I regularly listen,

while doing dishes or some other,

equally mundane,

domestic task,

I find myself ,

dancing in the kitchen,

to songs that remind me of,

better times,

songs that were hits when,

I was a child and that one,

sees in a new light as an adult,

Sharing The Night Together, Anticipation,

very different now then at 12-13.

Old faves like Bon Jovi, Bruce Springsteen,

Carly Simon, James Taylor,

discovering new artists to me,

through friends recommendations,

has been a joy,

Mat Nathanson, totally kills,

listening to Reggae again,

which to me spells Summer,

Red red wine goes to my head…

Sweet and Dandy, Sweet and dandy.

Music, dancing, such joys in my life,

the pandemic in a way,

has allowed me to reconnect,

with that singing dancing butch.

She has a buzz cut now,

and through the help of yearning,

and the music of Sam Cooke*

seems to be awakening,

from a long quasi catatonic state.

Merci la vie,

vive la musique.

Be well ladies and gents.

Later girls,


*What a Wonderful Word It would Be, has always been a favourite-Dont know much about history, don’t know much biology….

6 replies on “Pandemic Soundtrack”

Nice, I love my Spotify. My Google Home teams up with it to play me anything I ask for. Love my Joni Mitchell, Van Morrison, Electric Light Orchestra, etc etc
Music keeps me calm when I need to be ànd it’s something to focus on besides you-know-what

So there’s this idea Universal Design where if things are designed for the elderly and the young…the least physically able…then they tend to work well for all of us. Things like levered door handles rather than knobs..right? And in SpEd we apply this to education…if we plan instructional delivery to support those with disabilities and communication challenges, we create a more inclusive classroom that supports all the kidlets. Because everyone has days where for whatever reason…they just can’t even. And then they feel supported.

In the states there has been this ongoing conversation of if the high mortality is among the aged and infirm…are they expendable? Is their well being worth the economic hardships? It’s exposing a moral failing (it could be argued…yet another moral) within our systems. And yet…

Also gives us the opportunity to evaluate what our values of a society are and what we are willing to sacrifice to stand up for those values. It’s actually my greatest fear…after losing someone I, or those close to me, love…what happens if we get this wrong? If we allow what we’ve become accustomed to through capitalism and the need for increasing GDP to dictate how we treat and value that are the least able among us? Do we then stay and fight to right the ship? Or start over someplace else?

Ok. That’s a lot for Friday afternoon. lol

So many good things in this post! Kitchen dancing, the soundtracks for different parts of our lives, and how they can mean knew things in new circumstances…

Did you know Neil Diamond wrote Red, Red, Wine? He sings it on Hot August Nights II…I think?

Thanks for the post 🙂

Wow, that is a lot for a Friday afternoon:-)Personally I don’t want to live in a world where economy is more important than people.Here too people have been advocating for universal design. I love Neil Diamond, I love love love Hot August Nights, and my lizard brain seems to recall that he wrote it. Thank you so much for your comments

So glad to hear that you are coping and have discovered a new (old) pleasure. It’s wonderful how horrible experiences can force us into uncomfortable places that allow us to discover some small and unanticipated comforts after all (of course we are fortunate in many of the key ways in which that become’s possible). I’d be quite content with your soundtrack, it seems, and agree that music offers a unique kind of companionship. Stay safe and well!

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