To be, To create

In the last 20 months, we have all been through, so much. I have been giving lots, of thought lately. What do I need to stay, healthy, physically, to keep being strong, mentally, spiritually. I am blessed, more than many, I have pretty robust health, I have love and friendship, that surrounds me. I have… Continue reading To be, To create

Watching the ducks…

Hello you all, hope you are all well. It is an absolutely gorgeous day, here in my beautiful ugly, which I admit, is more beautiful than ugly at this time of my life. I have been on vacation, I have spent time with friends, and today my aunt is coming, to visit, first time she… Continue reading Watching the ducks…

Paying attention

Good morning all. A grey, mild, Saturday morning, here in, my beautiful ugly. We just had an incredible, heat wave, seemed to last forever. I have been on vacation this week, the heat messed with some, of my plans, but, things are simply, postponed. I got a chance to get, some extra sleep, which was… Continue reading Paying attention

Denim Blue

Hello all. Hope you are all keeping well. It is a scorcher, here in my beautiful ugly. Hot and humid, unstable air, but I am happy. My lady is coming over, we are going on a picnic, with friends, a double date, can’t remember the last time, I did that, can’t remember the last time,… Continue reading Denim Blue

Relishing in the moment

Hello all, it’s hot and sticky out. Working from home. I was hoping for some, peace and quiet, alas, it is not to be, major welding and sandblasting, going on across the street, trying to drown it out, with a playlist I made, for my special lady, lots of standards, I Could Write A Book,… Continue reading Relishing in the moment

Butch in happy mode

Monday morning, sunny and cool, busy week ahead, hit the ground running, kind of morning. Wonderful weekend, with, my lady 🙂 Life is good. I am in, a happy mode, a happy place. A place, where I look at my life, appreciate what I have, appreciate the love, that I have had, and still have,… Continue reading Butch in happy mode

Ebbs and flows

Good morning everyone, hope you are all well. It’s grey and cool, this morning, in my beautiful ugly. It’s been an odd week, maybe it’s the moon, I don’t know, but I haven’t been sleeping well, been off my game, for a few days. But, that is life, ebbs and flows. Last weekend, I went… Continue reading Ebbs and flows

Missing Mom

Mom and I, much younger days. Good morning everyone, cloudy, muggy day here, in my beautiful ugly. Been ten months. since my mom passed, I miss her, but, she is with me, and I believe looks out for me. This flat. even though it is very much, mine, has many of her things, her books,… Continue reading Missing Mom

More feeling

Good morning all. It is a grey ish morning here, in my Verdun. Less and less I feel the inclination to call it, My beautiful ugly, because, let’s face it, it is lush and pretty, sigh. My personal life, is lush and pretty right now. Everyday my home, becomes more, mine. I am enjoying time… Continue reading More feeling