Today is hot and muggy,

it seems I have said,


thought that,

a lot, this Summer.


But I had cereal for breakfast,

with blueberries,


Ontario peaches.

Ontario peaches

happy sigh

they may very well be,

the best part of the dog days of Summer:

plural noun
  1. the sultry part of the summer, supposed to occur during the period that Sirius, the Dog Star, rises at thesame time as the sun: now often reckoned from July 3 to August 11.
  2. period marked by lethargy, inactivity, or indolence and extreme heat, when you live in the beautiful ugly!!

Sort of a life analogy,

you need  to deal with,

slightly unbearable,

roasting heat,

in order to have juicy, sweet,

complex and almost wine like,


They are my mom’s favorite and my friend, the anarchist, couldn’t get enough of them.


I have had that kind of Summer,

extreme heat, lethargy, crankiness,

and beautiful experiences.

I had a lovely mini vacation,

with my best bud in the Adirondacks,

it was great.


I had an opportunity to co-lead,

a series of discussions,

on theology at my beloved St-Jax’s,

it was an enriching experience,

it also comprised it’s share of challenges,

some of which were not so pleasant,

but, on the whole,

it was awesome, a chance to learn,

to discuss, a chance for fellowship,

for community.


I have thought a lot this Summer,

maybe even more than usual!

I have read a ton of books,

mostly theology.

I have spent a lot of time,

trying not to overthink things,

with various levels of success,

I have prayed and reflected,

I have worked hard on patience,

with myself and with others.

I have struggled with scripture.

In it’s meaning, but, also reconciling,

the parts that condemn me as a Gay woman,

with the message of,

love and acceptance that is the Gospel.


On Sunday at church, the former rector,

shared her journey in faith, it was beautiful.

She spoke of her Granny and of our roles as,


And later that evening I attended ,

a Pride mass at Christ Church cathedral,

as I listened to the Homily,

the penny dropped

I have been attending church,

participating, praying, but, I have never,

taken communion.

I was baptized in the Catholic church,

as an infant so technically I could,

take part.

But, I didn’t want to,

until I felt sure.

No one ever pressured me,

and I have always felt loved , accepted,

but, as I sat there and listened to,

the beautiful, personal, testimony-homily,

I knew.

The light went on, it is time.


I hope that all you understand,

that I do not share this to preach,

to evangelize.

I share to share,

writing this blog has always been,

about sharing , about thinking out loud,

in the past, almost two years ,

my quest has been spiritual,

a quest for meaning,

for truth and joy,

thank you for allowing me to share.

Be well, my friends

later girls



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