What a glorious morning it is,

sunny, cool, blue blue sky.

I’m at home,

Thursday morning,

mom’s in charge,

at the bookstore.

I’ve had breakfast,

Great grains cereal with extra raisins and soy milk, I’m so middle aged- the Dude looks hopefully at the bowl and when I let him have the dregs , he looks at me, disappointed, puzzled and, I think, a little grossed out. He doesn’t speak human, but, if he did, I’m pretty sure he’s be saying “you like this shit?”- In point of fact- I do, a Franciscan monk breakfast, for the twenty-first century:-)

It’s my birthday next week,

I’ll be forty-seven,


three days later,

I’m getting my,

buzz cut for Cancer:-)

Should be an interesting week,

if you factor in the fact,

that mom has picked that week,

to have the kitchen painted,

busy, busy, bald:-)

I got my new John Irving,


hot of the press.

I ordered something else,

in order to avoid,

the shipping charges,

a Helene Hanff book

(she of 84 Charing Cross Road fame)

it’s called,

Apple Of My Eye,

all about Helene’s New York,

a sort of a guide book,

it’s delightful,

as all her books are,

feel like you are right there with her,

sharing a Martini and a cigarette,


The thing is,

I don’t travel,

never have,

it’s not in my,


not part of my lifestyle,

I have no objections,

per se,

I just don’t.

Many people think that’s,

close minded?


lacking an adventurous spirit?

all this might be true,

I don’t think it is,

but still,

what do I know?


I know,

that I like to travel in books,

with interesting people,

I used to like,

historical novels,

read tons of them,

not so much anymore.

Now, I like my fiction,



not biography so much,



slices of lives,

traveling to New York,

with Helene,

watching Paris from my window,

with Colette,

and her cats,

having and raising a baby,

in France,

with Adam Gopnik,

drinks with Janet and Hem,

walking through the 1930’s garden at Sissinghurst,

with Vita and Virginia,

that’s what I like.


since I now eat my cereal,

with soy milk,


I’ll experience Shakespeare and Company,

for myself,


with the sights and sounds.

If I can have my head shaved,

change my eating habits,

maybe I can learn to travel,


you can teach a middle aged butch,

new tricks


Later girls,



4 Replies to “On travel ??”

  1. BB: You HAVE to go to Shakespeare & Co. Have to…. and to Montmartre. A pilgrimage.

    and if you go to London, go to Skoob.

    The process of travel is sometimes not fun, so: only travel with carry on luggage, AND travel with someone who makes you laugh.

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