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Winner GLBT category.

Good morning all,

hot day here in,

the beautiful ugly.

I’m feeling good,

I’m feeling strong,

I’m feeling loved,

I’m feeling happy,

and as Irene Cara used to sing,

What A Feeling


for you young ones who don’t remember Flashdance and Fame, Google it:-)

Been busy,

in a good way,

writing up a storm.

editing past posts,

to include in eventual book.

I see it,

oh so clearly.

The new Mac,

helps a lot,

with that,

as well as making picture editing,


instead of hair pulling out frustrating.

Life is good.

I feel light,

I feel lithe,

and I think,

it has something to do,

with impending,

full scale,


I imagine that some of you,

I‘m thinking guys,

are cringing or at least,


I am not going to go into details,


I will say this,

I feel as if,

I am about to be set free,

from the burden,

of menstruating and hormones.

The last two years have been,


mood swings,

oh boy,

I couldn’t even stand myself sometimes,

felt like I wanted to crawl out,


my skin.




even with the truly bad shit,

that has taken place,

I feel better,

in my own skin,

more confident,

more sexy,

more me,

and that has a lot to do,

with the advent of the next phase.

I know many women,

feel as I do,


many more do not.

I mean some women,

feel that they will,

no longer be fertile,



less woman.

For me it isn’t like that,

my idea of woman,

is in no way wrapped up,

in my power to procreate,

never has been,


I don’t think that’s a gay thing.

I think many women,

wish to be mothers,


many more feel they are less,

because they aren’t.

or don’t want to be.

I have nothing but,

respect for mothers,

the hardest job in the world,

no training,

no pay,


not always,

a lot of,


I chose not to be a mother,

never felt the urge,


I feel my contribution is much more,

as another type of adult role model.

Kids must see that not all,

adults are,

like mommy and daddy,

even if mommy and daddy are great,



It takes a village,


some of the village is,

the aunt who is,

a party animal,

or a librarian,

the aunt who gives you,

quiet time with an adult,

who shows you different parts of the world,

who lends you books,


teaches you about Art,

who doesn’t necessarily present,


in the same way,

who shows,

you that feminine is,

much more,


a word than it appears,

to be.

Those aunts,


I hasten to add, uncles,

are important to kids,

showing them,

there are many ways,

to be,


and different and marginal,

doesn’t mean bad,

unorthodox is often good.

Children are  a lot,

of work,

having others to help,

should be valued,

not vilified.

Beating ourselves up,

because we don’t fit stereotypes,

is bad for us,


for the world.

Post menopausal women,

have much energy and freedom,

to create and give,

just saying:-)

Smash the myths,




is also,



making children because,

it is the thing to do,

or expected,

is the worst reason to have them.

It’s your life,

live it as you see fit,

happily and as a member of the village,

it takes all kinds.

Ramblings thoughts.

Later girls, be well,





4 Replies to “On myth and menopause”

  1. I am enjoying this time in my life – for me that manifests as being almost 15 years into my life as a self-employed person, a graduate (with honors) from the School of Life Lessons – now happily in a fairly long-term relationship, with many good friends. I’ve had the time to pursue interests that stimulate me, and have learned so much about myself along the way. Biochemically, I am merely flirting around the edges of the next big change, and do not yet have any idea if the change will be merciful & sudden, or painfully protracted. It is clearly what comes next.

    I recently listened to a TED talk about a man in India who began a university there which takes women (grannies) from villages in Africa & brings them there and teaches them to be solar engineers. They leave home somewhat reluctantly, and graduate proudly, returning home & bringing electricity to their communities. Subsequently they assume leadership roles in their communities, having grown into their power through their acquisition of skill & knowledge. The grannies? They’re in their 40s. :/ The speaker described women in their 40s as the most powerful global change agent.

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