Butches give me a lady boner.

-Mark Twain


Pussy Riot,

Russian all women,


punk rock band,

members arrested,

for denouncing Putin,


his repression,


his patriarchy.

They face,

a possible seven years,

in jail.

Sure, Russia has,


***In Montreal, a law recently passed outlawing the wearing of masks in demonstrations, hmm, masks, balaclavas, kind of the same, hmm, food for thought, no? Thank you CBC for stimulating thought***





I said recently,

I didn’t care who won the cup?

Ok, well, now I really don’t care!!!

I wonder who will?

The two teams in the western final?

Phoenix and L.A.

I know..!!??!!

I’m predicting,

low ratings,

I wish them luck,



Arizona and California,

brings to mind,




It’s weird,

exporting our game,

to places,

that don’t really want it,



mostly Canadian players,


Like I said weird.

Stream of consciousness:-)

later girls,






6 Replies to “On my mind, quotes, Russian punk rock and Hockey”

  1. My ex says if they don’t have winter, they shouldn’t play hockey, with global warming-maybe one day-none of us will play hockey, but, I hope not and you know hope springs eternal:-)

  2. Sad days in Russia for free speech, for queers, for alt.anything. Does pure democracy exist anywhere..? Or is it an ideal that some people strive for as others seek to squash it. Is the Russian world ready for democracy…? It’s never had it. We expect it to be like ours and yet…it’s in its infancy, with no infrastructure except the dictatorial robber barons and tyrants at the helm.

    I agree with your ex in principle, but if we extrapolate out, that would mean that Jamaica couldn’t ever have bob sled racers.

  3. As usual you make good points:-) No Jamaican bobsledders in Calgary? Sad indeed!
    As for Russia you’re right of course, from the Tsars to the communist party which
    was as horrible to Putin and his bunch, no experience with democracy at all. These balaclaved
    women who make up Pussy Riot(talk about a great name:-)) are very brave and in my opinion,

  4. Pussy Riot = Best Band Name EVER!

    Those brave women! Heroines is right, or pioneers of democracy, or some other well-deserved title.

    As for hockey, we have a WHL junior team here, the Portland Winterhawks. They are in the playoffs, against the Edmonton Oil Kings. The series is tied, 2 to 2!!! They are the best sport team we have! Game 5 is tonight!
    And, just fyi, we do have winter here but not a lot of it (and enough rain to melt any ice).

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