It’s a bright day,

haven’t said that,

in a while.

The cold is still around,

it will end,

I know it will


Last night,

I was watching,

Downton Abbey,

love that show, Lord Grantham kicks ass:-)


once it was over,

I switched over to,

The Golden Globes,

just in time to see,

the magnificent Jodie Foster,


The Cecil B. Demille award,

for life achievement,

not bad at fifty, eh? Jodie is no late bloomer:-)

It was a weird speech,

smart and quirky,

very much:

I’m fifty, and, I’ll say what I want,

kind of speech.

She mentioned that people have been,

wanting her to come out for years,

she said she has done so,

as many young women do,


friends and family, etc,


she thanked her ex-partner and best friend,


named her,


saying her ex was a woman,


not exactly rocket science,

to figure out that Jodie is a dyke,


She never came out and said.

I am a lesbian,


she did,


she has been saying so for,

a long time.

Jodie also said,

her life was no reality show,


she was no honey boo boo,

also that she had no intention,

of launching a fragrance,

I’m paraphrasing, but, that’s what she said.

I thought her speech was,






especially when she talked about her mom.

I found it refreshing,

that she would say,

I grew up in a fishbowl, but, I’m entitled to privacy blinds, like everyone  else.

Once the show was over,

the face book etc,

activity was intense,

people saying,

that because of her,

kids in America,

will stay in their closets,



because she didn’t ‘come out’,

she has blood on her hands.

I don’t know,

seems to me like,

people missed the point.

what Jodie Foster,

said and did,

last night,

was acknowledge,

without discussing, the intimate details of her life, or metaphorically, showing us, her underwear, or escorting us, into her bedroom for a guided tour!!

that she was gay,

that some of us,


that some of us,

are not,


that it’s all good,


all normal.

That we have a right,

to live our lives,

as we see fit,


that we don’t have to be,

anyone’s poster girl.

That who she is,

every part of her,

a mature, beautiful,

Ivy league educated,


two time Oscar winning actress,

acclaimed director,

mother of two cute well adjusted sons,

oh yeah and,


makes her a role model,

for all women and girls,

for all men and boys,

gay, straight, all orientations.

Is bullying a problem?

Damn right it is!

Is teen suicide a very real tragedy?

Yes it is.

Are role models important?


Is Jodie Foster,

a good role model, to creative types everywhere?

Yes, she is.

That’s what I have to say.

What do you all think?

Later girls,








2 Replies to “On Jodie Foster”

  1. I loved this speech. Of course I continue to nourish a crush on Jodie Foster that began 35+ years ago …

    I thought her delivery & the elliptical nature of words reflected her personal discomfort with the unnatural quality of “public intimacy”.

  2. That’s how I saw it, I think that our private life is our private life and that we are or aren’t role models based on character and acheivement not sexual preference.

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