Good afternoon you all.

Hope all is well with all of you.

This has been a busy and a bit of,

an odd Summer.

I have travelled,

well, my version, day trips and excursions over the border,

quite delightful, baseball games, beer, seeing towns, museums,

undiscovered country,  spending time with my bff.

I have also visited with family,

been on rides to the country,

soaked in a little nature.

I wish it would be cooler so mom and I,

could hop around the city,

but, I guess that is what ,

late September and October will be about.

Walking for long distances,

has also been difficult,

scorching heat, not great in the city.


My work situation has been complicated,

but, now seems on the way to resolution.

I had expected to work at the English worshops,


but, the proposed schedule and amount of hours,

just not doable for me,

we are parting ways on the best of terms.


So, that left my current part time gig,

which I am ok with,

the pay sucks but the people are nice,

the work is hard.

I have a line on something else,

pays better, more flexibility,

fingers crossed.

The work I do receives little respect,

people say rude things, gratuitously.

What happened to civility,


garden variety,


I ask myself that question,

several times a week.

But, what bothers me more,

is when people I know,

acquaintances mostly,

permit themselves to question,

my life choices,

permit themselves to judge,

to denigrate even,

my work,

my beliefs.



if you have it,

you are considered a bit of a nutter,

a knuckledragging Cro Magnon,

who doesn’t believe in knowledge,

science, reason.

If you believe in God,

if you attend church,

practice a religion,

practice makes perfect

You are suspect, deluded, even,

this is the common amongst secular views.

But, I would also say that the religious side,

also has judgy views,

about what makes people good Christians etc.

about the interpretation of scriptures, holy texts.

I see it as:

the clash of the Orthodoxies.

And it doesn’t only apply to religion,

it is political as well,

good liberals believe X,

good conservatives believe Y,

and never the two shall meet.

Honestly, I think that orthodoxy,

and narrow minded one camp thinking,

is what divides the world,

contributes to “us against them” crap,

that leads to hate,

to war,

to violence,

and destruction,

of our planet,

our world.

Trying to find common ground,

walking in another’s shoes,

working hard on banishing judgyness,

and respecting others,

not happiness, joy,

and eventual bliss.


I have been thinking a lot,

about this subject,

I have been angry and hurt about it,

which is why it took so long,

to begin to formulate cohesive thought.

I still need to cogitate on this,

much food for thought.

Enjoy the waning Summer my friends ,


the coming Fall,

my favourite of all seasons

Be well.

Later girls,


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