The heat is making me crazy.

Aside from a few days of cool and clement weather,

 it has been sticky and humid since June,

and if it hasn’t, it sure feels that way!

Not only is it hot but, it’s so bloody noisy.

I live in the city, inner city,

 where people have postage stamp size yards and yet,

 they seem to spend every morning from April to October mowing them.

What’s up with that?

Way back when we didn’t have air conditioning,

 my ex and I would rent movies that took place in winter,

Russian front type of stuff.

This year I thought maybe if I read about hockey it might cool me down,

 so far,

not working.

I’m reading a biography of Patrick Roy,

 who in my humble opinion is the greatest goaltender ever to play the game.

Of course, you could argue for the great Tretiak or Ken Dryden

 but, I’m sticking with Roy, a never say die,  kinda of competitor.

I’m sorry,

 I’m pretty sure most of you couldn’t care less about hockey.

I can’t help talking about it once in a while, it’s in my DNA.

Many people in Montreal refer to our love of hockey and allegiance to our team ,

the Canadiens,

 as a religion.

Since I don’t believe in organised religion, or rather,

 I believe that religion is responsible for so much evil in the world,

I prefer to think of hockey as being part of my genetic makeup.

I’m reading The Narrow Corner, should finish it by the weekend.

I like it very much.

I’ve been thinking of taking a few days off,

 in late September maybe go to Toronto.

I’ m embarrassed to say I have never been to Toronto.

I’d really like to go to New York but, I don’t have a passeport and you need one now.

Toronto has that newish art museum,

designed by Frank Gehry,

that I would really like to see and of course, bookstores.

I’m going to try to convince a friend to go with me,

 and if I can’t,

 I’ll go solo.

Later girls


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