Good morning all,
hope your week has been,
pleasant, joyful, productive,
educational, fun or 

My week has been fine,
in no way,
it has been a busy week,
a little networking,
a little bit of social.
An ok week.

It has mostly been,
a week of reflection,
not overthinking,
my biggest resolution,
for this year,
and beyond....
not overthinking.

It has been a week,
of realization,
and putting pieces,
A sad week,
an empowering week.

I went to the,
Montreal Women's March,
with my BFF last Saturday,
felt good to be out there,
with my sisters and brothers,
offering up our,
to our American cousins,
holding strong against,
the threat that is,
the orange administration.

Later that evening as I was,
editing and posting photos,
on social media and watching,
You Tube videos from the,
Washington march,
seeing the young women,
like America Ferrera,
Scarlett Johansson,
speaking with such eloquence,
and then the Icons,
of feminism and progressiveness,
that are,
Gloria Steinem, 
Angela Davis,
and all,
still out there,
fighting the fight,
with a smile and much resolve.

It struck me how lucky,
we were to have them, 
to have had them.

and then,
Mary Tyler Moore died...

This has upset me so much,
in the wake of the present,
political situation,
even more so.

Mary Tyler Moore,
was a part of my,
formative years.
Her character,
Mary Richards,
was a single woman,
a career woman,
a model not common,
in the world of,
popular culture.
Not then,
Not now.
She was smart,
funny, earnest,
hard working,
and she,
had great style.
She navigated,
a man's world,
with elegance and grace,
and a quiet brand of,
She had a massive influence,
I don't think,
I realized how much,
until I sat in front of,
the computer,
watching the opening of her show,
on You Tube,
it felt like I was loosing,
a member of the family, 
a beloved,
member of the family.

Television in my childhood,
and formative years,
the internet and You Tube,
Netflix and on demand television,
was very different,
it was an integral part,
of our lives,
Mary Tyler Moore,
was a guest in our living rooms,
Saturday nights,
Carol Burnett,
on Sundays,
funny, strong women,
these were their shows,
they had excellent,
cast mates,
but, it was their show.

So, Mary dying this week,
seeing Gloria,
out there,
still bringing it,
still marching, writing, protesting,
it struck me that no matter,
what we think is won,
as far as women's rights,
LGBTQ rights,
racial equality,
religious freedom,
there are always,
just waiting,
to take it all away.
To be clear,
I am not,
referring to differences,
in political opinions.
We need difference to evolve,
in my humble opinion.
I mean,
people who think,
their skin color,
religious affiliation,
the way they 'love',
superior to mine, ours.
People who become elected,
and decree,
oppressive laws and measures
to control people's lives,
to oppress people,
to bully,
to silence.
Who manipulate people,
into handing over their rights,
by using,
scapegoatism and fear,
and disinformation,
about 'others'

These are dark times.

It seems the fight is,
never ending.

“Never forget that a political, economical or religious crisis is enough to cast doubt on women’s rights. These rights will never be vested. You have to stay vigilant your whole life.” Simone de Beauvoir

Let all of us keep fighting the good fight.
For truth and justice and equal rights.

Be well all of you

Later girls,

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