Hello all, hope you are,
surviving the heat.
We have had some major oppressive,
here in Montreal,
leading up to the 1 st of July,
Canada Day,
and the week following,
wow, killer,
45 degrees Celsius with the Humidex.
Dangerous weather,
a constant need to stay,
hydrated and cool, 
people can die.
Drink lots of water, people.

When it's that hot,
I get cranky,
everyone does,
we don't sleep well,
we don't have much of an,
Annoying situations,
I think Spike Lee's film,
Do The Right Thing,
illustrates that, 

That really isn't the right time,
to have passionate disagreements,
on text message or on Face Book.

In the last three years,
I have had,
major disagreements,
with two friends and a good,
on Face Book.
Heat wave notwithstanding,
the first two, were not in Summer,

Face Book, did not create,
the disagreements, the situations,
but, social media did exacerbate it.

Here's my theory, which you might,
think is hogwash,
or a lame attempt at justification.

Social Media,
can bring out great things in people,
it helps in connecting with people,
all over the world,
it mobilizes people to action.
It helps publicize situations,
injustices, good causes,
it helps break isolation.

It can also, reinforce mob mentalities,
people are convicted and,
drawn and quartered,
without ever being tried.
Just as it can be an instrument,
for good,
It also magnifies, amplifies peoples faults
It brings out the petty,
in all of us,
people end up,
'saying' things in nasty ways,
in feeble attempts at witticism,
and scoring points, 
tabulated by likes.

Sometimes, we forget our manners,
common courtesy, civility, even,
sometimes we cross lines that ought,
never to be crossed.
But, that is the last straw,
there usually has been a whole,
series of events that lead to the,
thing that drove you batty,
and made you unfriend and block.

Maybe it's me, maybe others don't,
experience this, but, I sort of doubt it.

All this to say, there are some things,
I cannot tolerate,
hatred of any kind,
masquerading as... whatever.
I have a low tolerance for sarcasm,
for condescension, I don't like to,
play mind games or hurt people's feelings.
I am far from perfect,
I do however expect friends to cut me slack,
as I do for them.

As someone who is rarely part of groups,
I fear mob mentality,
and have real issues with smug righteousness.
I wrestle long and hard with myself,
about my motives, my prejudices,I try to overcome,
to grow.

So this is how I have been feeling lately,
hot, pissed off about some things,
and very happy and grateful about other things.

Be well

Later girls,

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