First off,

you have to read this post,

 on, My Words! it is brilliant,

Also Amy and Cass,

did a joint review of  The Price Of Salt,

check it out here,

or here,

or both,

they are slightly different,

Also I wondered if one of you wizzes, could help me, with a slight problem. How the hell do you put, a button on your blog? And how do I leave a comment on blogger, it never works. It pains me to show such ignorance but, it must be done. Help!

So, the rest of this post is just pictures,

of some of my favourites,

and things, people, I find beautiful,

and since beauty is in the eye of the beholder…

Bruce Chatwin by Robert Mapplethorpe. I love Chatwin, his books, his life and of course, his boots.

My favourite writer, John Irving. Drinking my favourite beverage, coffee, in Amsterdam. If he’d be wearing plaid it would be perfect:-)

My favourite bisexual, Colette, with her butch, Missy.

Shakespeare and company in Paris. Enough said.

The truly bookish are never deterred. London during the Blitz.

I knew you were waiting for them. Yeah, baby Blundstones.

Tamara De Lempicka, knew the female form.

Forbes plaid, my favourite.

The most beautiful structure on earth, Brooklyn Bridge.

Babe Ruth, now that’s a gut!!

Emma Thompson. Esquire magazine once had a caption that read: The woman we would most like to read Ulysses in bed with. I can see that.

Well, that’s it for now,

I’m tired I’ve got to turn in.

Later girls,


4 Replies to “Must read, housekeeping and pictures I really like”

  1. BB: Wow! Thank you so much. YES, the Price of Salt is a very worthwhile read. Have you read any of the books by an outstanding — and someone eccentric — Canadian writer: Elizabeth Abbot? She wrote Sugar: A Bittersweet History as well as the History of Celibacy, History of Marriage, and History of Mistresses. She’s also written much about Haiti.

    Oh, and did you read A Prayer for Owen Meany by Irving? Strange, stranger and lingering. In a good way. How ’bout Tom Robbins? Kurt Vonnegut? Nicole Brossard?

    I’m rambling. My apologies. Your pictures conjured so many wonderful things! Paris and Amsterdam and Blunnies ANY day of the week. Paris’ Shakespeare & Company is one fabulous way to spend a week in Paris after doing a meditative walk up the steps to Montmartre and sitting in cafes with someone you can talk with about anything and everything including stories, love, wonder and the whole wild world and having a picnic on the bed in a hotel room to savour the wonder of perfect French pastries for the first time.

    Have you been to Skoob in London? Very, Very cool for bookhounds. I have this thing for collecting first editions … needless to say it gets me into trouble. I believe an intervention is being planned….

    this loquaciousness in commenting is atypical :-).

    Um, depending on which buttons you’d like on your WP blog, go to the dashboard and on the lefthand side where it has Appearance — click on the widgets and drag over the buttons you wish on your site.

    Blogger…. is annoying.

  2. I’m glad you liked The Price Of Salt, I hate to feel I’m the only one:-) I tried Nicole Brossard in college, wasn’t a big success, perhaps it’s time to try again!
    I used to have a customer who was her translator. I’ve never read any Vonnegut excepts Breakfast Of Champions, I liked it. My ex thinks Robbins is brilliant and she has superior taste. I believe it might be time to re-read Owen Meany, Irving is tops with me. I have never been anywhere, I’m a virtual traveller, maybe, I’m waiting for the right woman to convince me. Never apologise for rambling or loquaciousness:-) I’ll try the buttons advice, and yeah, blogger is annoying

  3. Thank you for the links to Cass and my review! We had too much fun with it. Blogger… I like subscribing to comment replies (which I can’t on your site, sadly 🙁 ) so I still comment with my old blogger ID.

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