Another bright day.

I’m going out,


for a couple of beers,

with a friend.

I love beer,

I only drink it socially.

I don’t drink alone,

it’s not a rule,

or anything,

I just don’t.

I started drinking beer,

in my misspent youth,

it suits me,

not too strong,

not too expensive,

you’ve got to drink,

a lot of beer,

to pass out,

not so with,



Although, a Margarita is a beautiful thing, smooth, deceptively so,  knocks you on your ass, the femme of drinks??

Beer is also,

let’s face it,


Don’t get me wrong,

I know a lot of butches,

who drink,

the hard stuff,

and another bunch,

who drink,

sparkling water!!

so, so wrong.



is the ultimate,

butch drink.

Ok, picture this, in your mind’s eye, your sitting at the bar, in your favourite, bar. A handsome butch is walking towards you, she’s sporting a smile that makes you weak, and …. she’s carrying an umbrela drink in her hand…. Does that work for you? I didn’t think so! Unless, of course, she’s bringing it to you..and even then.


is a drink,

for the,

hard working,

the hard playing,

smoky bars,

with loud music,

for a simpler,



femmes were femmes,


butches were butches.


A nostalgic drink,

a virile drink.

A drink for a time that,

never was,

that you remember,

so clearly.

I figure I like beer,


I’ve acquired a taste for it,

or I have a genetic disposition.

I like beer,

like I like,




Over the years,

it’s made me brave,

and stupid,

with women.


bookish butch,


silly butch.

Silly is essential,

once in a while.

Don’t you think?

Btw, I’m reading this,

Best Of Lesbian Erotica,


in the next post,

I’m going to talk about it,



I want to know what you find,


and if you show me yours,

I’ll show you mine:-)

Later girls,


7 Replies to “Mussings on the butchness of beer”

  1. Uh oh — beer. When I first came out, I thought that I might not really be a lesbian because I was the only one in the ENTIRE city that did not drink beer, I swear.

    I have tried and tried and tried to develop the palate for beer. Honest I have. But I can’t seem to like it. Maybe it is the taste of hops? Whatever it is, I will always try…at least a tste, hoping for that holy grail: a beer that I can drink and be one of the gang, finally. But, nanoseconds after that taste, I have to wipe my tongue. Not exactly the most polite, or adult, or ladylike thing to do in public.

    I tasted three that I did not need to wipe my tongue after tasting: a dark vanilla beer, made in teeny tiny small batches. Had it in Steveston, BC. DEE-licious that taste was. Then a honey-nut ale in Halifax and a Belgian cherry beer. None of these are available here. :-(.

    Now, taste on tongue happens to segue neatly into the other part of your post: what one finds to be erotic.

    I do so like your questions.

    be well, BB

  2. You can be a real lesbian and not like beer, you just can’t be a real butch:-) I know quite a few dykes who don’t like the taste of hops and drink things like Mort Subite, a Belgian beer that tastes like rasberries, if you can’t get it in your part of the world, you might want to relocate to Montreal:-) or just be the original you are, and forgoe beer:-D

  3. I like beer, especially after a good day of hard work… Moving a friend across town, planting a garden, installing steel conduit in a electrical system, building a compost heap, riding a bike to the lake and back. When my housemates and I were renovating at the end of this past year, we drank cases and cases of the stuff. There’s amazing local breweries in my city, and I like to do my part to support the island economy.

    I prefer gin, though. With tonic, and a bit of lime, and a good dose of sunshine. Also, with a hammock and a book and maybe a camping trip.

    In winter, it’s whiskey, neat, especially an rainy days.

  4. Hmmm… I am not sure if I could be a real butch. What’s the difference between a real butch and a pretend one? What would butch-in-training look like? How do you know if you’re butch? Can you have an inner butch, hiding in yoga gear? If you were to write A Manual for Butches, or the Dummies Guide to Being a Butch… Of all the women I know who are butches…I have found them all to be wonderful women, sensitive, tough, romantic, a bit old-fashioned in terms of sex-stereotypes…but that might just be Toronto.. so I might sound cheeky…but I am curious. I haven’t found a blog yes that answers it well enough to my mind.

    Gin… oh. my. goddess. We had a disagreement in my last year of adolescence, me and gin. Have not gone near it sine. And you know that gin is called panty remover, don’t you?

    Sadly, I think I am not mature nor refined enough for whiskey.

    Good sake, and fine, fine gold tequila, if it must be liquor; or good wine, Cremant, pink Champagne, port, grappa. Why am I thirsty all of a sudden??

    Montreal is lovely to visit :-).

  5. My comments about butches and their “realness” need to be taken with not a grain but, a healthy pinch of fleur de sel, that being said, I am working on the book of butch🙂 I like Toronto to visit as well.

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