I’m feeling,

so much,


whoever suggested,

the nehti pot,

(e, I think)

sheer genius,

thank you:-)

A cool shower,

for aching sinuses.

I am better,


I still tire easily,

infection oblige,

so Sunday and Monday,

were quiet days,

just chores,

and a little walking,


ain’t ready,

for marathons,


BB will never be ready for marathons:-)

I want to share something,

with you all,

I will be getting my head shaved,

not just for the look,

although, I admit I like the experiment in style, part of it:-P

for a good cause,

the best of causes,

sick children,

cancer victims,

a gesture of solidarity,


a way to raise awareness,



I’ve considered,

doing this for a few years,


this is the year.

So, on Thursday May 18 th,

at Place Ville Marie,

at one of the public sites,

I will have my head shaved,

not cue ball,


light fuzz,

short crew cut.

Now that I’ve published it,

on my face book page,


my blog,

no backing out,

no chickening out,

it’s public,

it’s a great cause,


I’m not Samson,

it will grow back,


Later girls,



8 Replies to “Much better and soon to be bald:-)”

  1. Glad the neti pot helped!

    I think the shorn head look will be great! And just in time for warm weather, so no hiding under a hat… although you might want some shade if it is too sunny.

    Pictures, perhaps?

  2. Everyone should shave their head on their own free will at least once. I have a feeling it’ll look awesomely butch.

  3. Wow. I think it’s daring, and empathetic, that you’re going to be shorn in this way. Good on ya! (I’ve been bald from chemo, and I can’t imagine doing it voluntarily. For one thing, I was amazed how cold I was w/o hair! )

    I hope it’s a good experience for you, and that the fund-raising venture is successful.

  4. I have lots of hair and it will grow back quickly, it does, plus it will be Summer.
    Thank you for sharing and the encouragement, I can’t imagine how awful and scary an
    experience it must have been, be well:-)

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